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  • 12/10/2021
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How to Write an Effective Email

Communication is the key to running a business, and writing emails is one major way we communicate. So it is worth saying that writing a good email is key to getting your initiatives out and in keepi...

  • 1/29/2021
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3 Pandemic Customer Service Stories to Make You Smile

When you love a company, you go out of your way to recommend it to friends. You take pride in its products, and you hope others will love them as much as you do. And whether you’re willing to admit i...

  • 12/1/2020
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Helpful Phrases for Starting and Developing a Professional Letter

Are you looking to entice a new lead or persuade a big client? Business letters are an especially persuasive medium, especially printed letters. In this era, when digital communication is so prevalen...

  • 9/15/2020
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Snag Younger Customers: How to Build Connections with Generation Z

With the oldest of Generation Z graduating and entering the workforce, it’s time to set your sights on this powerful consumer demographic. Who are these Gen Z individuals, and what is the most effect...

  • 8/11/2020
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Communicate Excellence with Vibrant Printed Posters and Signs

One glance is truly all it takes, and recent eye-tracking studies demonstrate how quickly first impressions happen. Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of technology at the Missouri University of Sci...