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  • 8/25/2020
  • admin_us649

How to Keep Your Cool in Pressure-Packed Situations

In July of 2020, more than four million people savored the chance to watch live Major League Baseball on the opening night of a historic 60 game series. Due to the intensity of the abbreviated corona...

  • 8/18/2020
  • admin_us649

Sell Yourself with a Winning Elevator Pitch

Can you introduce yourself or your business in a brief, compelling way? An elevator pitch does precisely that. While the origins of this term are debated, the name reflects the idea of a quick speech...

  • 1/10/2020
  • admin_us649

How Successful Entrepreneurs Overcome Self-Doubt Each Day

[gallery size=full ids='673' columns=1] Diane von Furstenberg is a Belgian fashion designer who has built her namesake company into one of the most recognizable in the world. Furstenberg has been li...

  • 11/26/2019
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How T-Shirt Giveaways Led to a Cool Million

[gallery size=full ids='631' columns=1] Sujan Patel likes to do things unconventionally. Patel founded Single Grain, a California based digital marketing company, in 2005. With a background in SEO m...