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Beyond the Brochure: How Print Can Help You Grow Your Business

With much focus on digital marketing, it's important to remember the value of printed collateral when making your business thrive and stand out from competitors. While digital marketing is essential, it can be challenging for small businesses to establish a footprint through digital channels alone. Incorporating printed materials into your marketing strategy helps to strengthen your message and gives your brand a professional look and feel.

When you think about printed marketing materials, you probably think of brochures or magazines. However, there is so much more you can do with print to improve your company or brand's presence and build professional connections within your target industry and the local community. Here, we’ll cover just a few creative ideas to get you brainstorming and inspired, but remember that the possibilities are endless–the more innovative your idea, the more you’ll stand out!


Almost everyone loves stickers – and boy, have they come a long way since the thin paper-backed stickers of the 1980s. Today's Stickers can be cut in various ways to create almost anything you can dream of. Vinyl decals, bumper stickers, die-cut stickers, and window clings all fall into the realm of printed stickers. Whether selling stickers or using them as gifts to make your customers feel loved, stickers can appeal to people of all ages. Today, you’ll find eye-catching stickers adorn water bottles and laptops, which serve as tiny billboards that promote your business repeatedly. You can also create collectible stickers to give out at events, trade shows, at the register, or send in welcome boxes to new or potential customers. The possibilities are endless.

Signs and Banners

Whether you need a sign for your store or a banner for a farmers market, tradeshow, or other event, a high-quality printed banner helps improve brand recognition and generate interest. Humans are visual creatures, and a creative sign or banner can make all the difference between someone stopping or continuing. The best part about investing in a sign or banner is that they can be used repeatedly, making them a cost-effective option for printed collateral.

Business Cards

Some would say that business cards are outdated, but they are still considered one of the best and most natural approaches to networking and promoting oneself. Having business cards on hand can turn a chance meeting into an opportunity. Whether you’re a freelancer or an established and profitable business, business cards give credibility to your business or brand and provide potential customers with an easy and direct way to contact you. Carefully choosing artwork, cardstock, colors, and finishes can take your plain card to the next level. Sure, you can share your number with someone you meet, but there is something nice about handing over a professional-looking business card that someone can hold onto.


Promote your next event, sale, or class with visually appealing flyers that will immediately pique your customers’ interest. Flyers are great for getting your message out there, as they allow you to convey information to customers before making contact. Let your customers know what your brand is about and why they should care or attract top-quality candidates by posting flyers about open positions. For increased engagement, try including a coupon on your flyer or add a QR code so that customers can easily follow your socials or sign up for your newsletter.

Business Documents

Personalize your business documents by designing them with your brand in mind. Impress your customers and colleagues by sending letters on business stationery that includes your logo, printing out white papers to share industry research related to your business, or improving your professional image during meetings and negotiations by providing business reports. Business letterhead can be used for internal and external communications, as well as thank-you notes, event invitations, recommendation letters, and more, while letting your customers know you’re serious. More oversized items can be professionally bound.

Magazines and Catalogs

Get customers excited about your business and products by developing branded magazines or catalogs. In addition to products and services, including industry-relevant articles can help you educate your customers on why your brand is essential or why your products are the best. Try adding photos, stories from satisfied customers, or relevant local news to provide value to potential customers while also getting the word out about your brand. Need more inspiration? Check out these examples of businesses that have done the same

Price Lists

Instill trust in your customers by developing and printing a price list so they can see costs upfront. If you’re open to offering discounts, price lists also give customers a better idea of how much they save. Beyond this, price lists appear professional and help deliver a seamless customer experience.


A great way to promote your business year-round or during the holidays is to create a themed calendar. Do you own a car dealership? Create a calendar showcasing the types of vehicles you typically sell. Own a pet shop? Showcase those adorable little creatures to help find them homes. Depending on your business model and goals, these can be given to customers for free or sold for extra profit or fundraising.

Press Releases

Let everybody know what’s up with a professional-looking press release. While these can be sent digitally, delivering something tangibly can make a more significant impact, especially when working with local news sources or community organizations. Press releases are an excellent option for significant business changes, rebrands, events, and other happenings related to your business.

Let AlphaGraphics help with your next print project.

Choosing the right printing company is the first step in creating eye-catching designs for your business. We can help you design marketing collateral that will leave a lasting impression on your customers, clients, and fellow business owners while spreading the word about how fantastic your brand is. Contact our team today!

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