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Six Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

think big, shop smallWhether shopping for gifts or buying this year’s holiday turkey, make your spending more impactful during this season of joy and celebration by shopping locally. From reducing carbon emissions to receiving a warm welcome from small business owners who care about what they do, shopping locally has several advantages. It helps drive the growth of local economies. What’s more nostalgic than spending time meandering through a quaint downtown and buying unique gifts for loved ones as the snow falls?

If going out and shopping in person isn’t an option, but you still want to show your support, don't worry! Most businesses nowadays have online stores, so you can still choose to support your local community from the comfort of your home.

In case you need even more motivation, here are six reasons to support small and local businesses this holiday season:

  1. Make Your Dollar More Meaningful. Supporting a local business means you’re helping a local family or individual pay their bills and put food on the table—and what’s more in line with the holiday spirit than that? While it might not seem like your money alone can make a difference, every sale matters to a small business, and your choice helps ensure the well-being of those around you. Your sale can help the local businesses you love stay in business and continue providing for the community.

    More money spent at local businesses means more money staying in your community, which can help grow the local economy and create more jobs. When local businesses are thriving, new businesses will want to move in and join in on the success. As small businesses grow, they also have the flexibility of hiring more staff and giving jobs to local community members.

  2. Find Unique Gifts. As exciting as it can be to enter a big-box retailer and see all the variety, most carry more or less the same types of items—and we all know how challenging that can be when shopping for that one relative who has everything. Local businesses, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to find unique and eclectic holiday gifts for your friends and family. Often featuring handmade items or products from other businesses in the area, local retailers can help you make your loved ones feel extra special by giving them a thoughtful gift they can’t get anywhere else.

  3. Create Interpersonal Relationships. Shopping in your local community is a great way to get more involved in local happenings while building connections with your neighbors. In a world where we’re so often busy and moving on to the next thing, taking the time to wander into a local business and chat with the owner, staff, or even other customers can provide a sense of connection and belonging. By signing up for newsletters or staying in touch with small business owners, you can keep up with local events, providing even more opportunities for friendship and social interaction.

  4. Help the Environment. Buying from local stores can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Since you won’t need your package to be shipped to you over long distances, your purchase contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, you won’t get the excessive packaging that often comes with ordering items online, and you’ll likely be supporting small-scale production and more sustainable practices. Unlike large retailers, small businesses opt for local production methods rather than outsourcing labor overseas, often involving toxic chemicals that can cause pollution and other issues. Shopping local is a triple win–for you, your community, and the environment!

  5. Avoid Shipping Hassles. We’ve already mentioned that shipping isn’t the best thing for the environment, but sometimes, it can be a downright hassle, especially if you buy gifts at the last minute. From damaged and missing items to mixed-up shipments, shipping can add another layer of stress during the already hectic holiday season. Eliminate the risk of additional issues by choosing to purchase gifts locally.

  6. Buy From People Who Care. Large corporations don’t see your face, and they don’t have a personal connection with you as a customer. On the contrary, small business owners know how important their customers are and truly value your business. People often choose to start a small business as a passion project or a family venture, meaning they’re passionate about what they’re doing and invested in providing quality products. When you buy from a local business, you know you’ll be buying from someone who cares and who wants to continue building a relationship with you as a customer for years to come.

Print Local with AlphaGraphics This Holiday Season

Although we are a national company, each franchise is privately owned. Michael and Ilene Stroh own four AlphaGraphics locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey – including New Brunswick, Mercer County, Lawrenceville, and Somerset County. Call or come and visit us! We help you check off your holiday to-do list. We've got you covered from custom gifts to custom packaging and personalization for items like mugs, coasters, and AirPods -- we can do it all.

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