Point of Purchase Displays

Nothing grabs attention like a vivid, relevant display right where customers are waiting to check out.


Getting your customers’ attention at the right time can mean the difference between making the sale or not. Draw their attention to your products and services with point of purchase and promotional displays from the professionals at AlphaGraphics Layton and you’re sure to get noticed in all the right ways.


It’s a simple concept – people make buying decisions when they can find the information they need to make the decision. Point of purchase displays can make it easier to get the right information to customers so they can evaluate and, hopefully, choose to buy your products and services. While this is a simplified version of what may actually play out in your business, it highlights the point that it’s important to get information to customers in a way that works for them.

Point-of-purchase displays are one of the best ways to showcase your products in a retail or office setting. This is especially true of models where you have a checkout system in your business – whether you’re seeing a receptionist or actually in a checkout lane at a grocery store.

Eye-catching point of sale displays

Whether it’s an intricate free-standing structure, a vibrant poster, or a series of eye-catching shelf tags, the professionals at AlphaGraphics can help you drive more sales during checkout.


Whether you’re just getting started with the idea of point-of-purchase displays and promotional printing, the team of experts at AlphaGraphics is here to help you. We’re the local experts and have years of experience creating an amazing experience for our customers’ customers. And with everything you need under one roof, custom displays are easier with AlphaGraphics than generic ones you may be able to find online. We offer a wide range of services to get you great promotional displays, including:

When you need the touch of a professional to bring off your marketing campaigns and signs with flair, turn to the experts at AlphaGraphics. Our team of experts specializes in print, marketing, and sign printing services so you have all your marketing you need under one roof. To get started on your project or learn more, visit us at our convenient location, request a free quote online, or call us at (801) 773-4600.

Point of sale display options

AlphaGraphics offers a variety of permanent and temporary point-of-sale display solutions.

Our point-of-sale display options include:
  • Display packs
  • Shelf edging
  • Mobile units
  • Dummy packs
  • Counter displays
  • Display stands
  • Posters, signs, and banners

With our advanced full-color and black and white printing, your displays will be crisp and animated, with lively messaging and graphics that practically beg to be looked at.

Promoting new products, exciting offers, and special events are just a few fantastic reasons to employ a point of sale display. Strategically placed displays not only motivate consumers to take action, they capitalize on the natural urge to make an impulse buy before leaving a business.

Browse our point of sale display specialties below and let us help your business excel every step of the way.

Booth Displays

Booth Displays

Create booth displays that get noticed.

Literature Racks

Literature Racks

Literature racks keep your brochures visible.

Magnetic Graphics

Magnetic Graphics

Grab attention with vibrant magnetic signs and graphics for your business.

Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs

Sell more homes with custom real estate signs.

Retail Signs

Retail Signs

Let them know you are ready for business with a high quality retail sign.

What are you waiting for? Contact the team at AlphaGraphics today to put this indispensable marketing tool to work for your business!

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