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How to Leverage Signage for Marketing Your Business

Why Signage Is Important for Any Business In the Salt Lake Area

Rainbow vinyl applied to exterior stairs

It’s impossible to walk or drive through the Salt Lake Valley and not see signage. Every business has signage, largely because it’s the simplest, most accessible form of advertising. Storefront signs say, “My business operates here.” Flags and banners say, “We’re having a sale right now.” Big window clings say, “Look at the products I sell.” Even during the current pandemic, signage is a highly effective advertising medium helping to power our local economy.

Not only is this type of signage all around us, but it’s a ubiquitous part of how we interact with the world as consumers. The types of signage we’re exposed to and the messages we see cause us to act and react with the brands delivering them. As we say at AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake, having the right signage is very important for success!

Here are some of the ways to think about signage, beyond the means to sell:

  • Inform, direct, or entice a customer to take a desired action
  • Attract attention, create intrigue, and promote interest
  • Expose people to and educate them about your brand
  • Strengthen your brand’s awareness and customer recognition
  • Stand out from the competition
Mark Miller Subaru vehicle wrapIf your signage sends a good message and creates a positive emotion – like the vehicle wrap we did for Mark Miller Subaru of South Salt Lake –  there’s a good chance your brand will benefit in some way.  A customer might decide to step inside your business and buy something or develop a positive association with your brand that leads them to recommend you to a friend.

 Our Utah Jazz Store signage in Smith’s Marketplace in East Millcreek is a good example of a positive, attractive graphic display which invites customers and fans to browse the store for Utah Jazz merchandise. The brand colors are easily recognizable.

Make Signage Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Like all your marketing, you want to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message. With signage, you have the benefit of choosing the location it’s displayed whether it’s Sugar House, Murray, or any other area in Salt Lake. Consider the context of that location, and cater your messaging accordingly. For example, a sign in the window of a business will prompt more immediate action and can lead to a purchase, whereas an advertisement in an airport will be more informational.

Use Signs to Grab Attention

The possibilities for signage are virtually endless. Businesses can create signs in any size, shape, color, or material and display them just about anywhere, such as the 8' x 4' entrance logo sign we created for VIP Marine in South Salt Lake.
Really, you’re only limited by your imagination, but there are some best practices to keep in mind:
VIP Marine sign South Salt Lake▪ Keep your message simple. No more than seven words is a common rule of thumb.
▪ Make the text big enough that it’s easy to read from afar.
▪ Choose a compelling color scheme—one that’s on brand, yet easy on the eyes. ▪ Provide contrast between text and colors or backgrounds to ensure legibility.
▪ Keep it consistent with your brand identity, including copy, images, and Call To Action. Our AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake center on 2945 S. West Temple is highly visible and inviting because of our exterior signage: AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake signage Want to really kick your signage up a notch? Consider placing it where and when your audience least expects it, but where it’s poised to make a big impression. These are generally places where immediate action isn’t possible (like in a bathroom or on a billboard), but where the unexpectedness of the sign will imprint its message in a more meaningful way. You can also take a creative approach to get people intrigued by your signage. Ever follow arrows on the ground or footprints in a store? That’s creative signage at its finest!

Check out a few of our many examples of social distancing signage:

Social Distancing collage

For all of our social distancing signage and graphics, visit

What Signs are Best for Your Business?

Banners, Flags, and Large-Scale Signage

Main Street Meats banner and tear drop flagThere’s no ignoring banners, flags, and other large-scale signage outside of a storefront! These can’t-miss signs are best for general attention-getting and communicating one clear objective to attract passersby and draw them in.

To attract business from roadside traffic, AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake designed banners and tear drop flags to promote Main Street Meats during the Thanksgiving season. We offer full design and installation services for any signage needs you may have.    

Wall and Floor Graphics

Great for indoor and outdoor applications alike, wall and floor graphics give direction, boost brand awareness, and promote clear actions for customers.

Use wall graphics to showcase your brand and reiterate your brand values. One way to think about it is as a statement wall, but instead of paint it’s a branded wall graphic! Floor graphics are great for wayfinding but can be useful for delivering brand messages, too. Today, many businesses are using floor graphics as a way to enforce social distancing.

Digital Signage

Digital signage blends the benefits and broad possibilities of digital technology with the proven efficacy of physical signage. The result is highly-customizable, always-relevant signage. 

They offer variety in media types, such as videos, GIFs, and animations in place of static imagery. And in some cases, they even encourage the consumer to interact with your brand, as with touchscreens and digital wayfinding signs.

Vinyl Wraps

Not just for vehicles, vinyl wraps can turn windows, kiosks, furniture, cornhole boards, and anything else with a smooth surface into a curated advertisement with a clear, concise message.

With vinyl wraps, you have the ability to provide information about your business or advertise in non-traditional places. Additional benefits include: resilience against weather and wear over time; full customization across shapes, sizes, styles, and colors; and reusability when printed with the right materials.

Talk to us!

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The options for signage don’t end there, and neither do the possibilities for attracting and engaging your audience. Talk to a signage expert at AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake to learn more about the many types of signage and the infinite customization options available, so you can bring your message to life in the most effective way.

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