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Signage that Stands Tall: Professional Business Signs and Directories

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The business decisions that you make will affect how you generate sales, grow your company, and promote your brand. Signage choices play a big role in your company no matter what industry you're in.

A whopping 80% of shoppers surveyed entered a store because it had digital signage. Even in a digital world, printed signs offer an excellent return on investment (ROI) and can help direct customers where they need to go.

So, what should you know about getting the right signs for your business? These tips will help you out when you're learning about designing effective large-format signage.

Understanding Large-Format vs. Small-Format Printing

The types of signs that you get for your business will play a big role both in advertising and directing people.

Before buying any kind of sign, learn everything you can about large format and small format printing -- starting with the differences. Large-format signs have widths between roughly 18 inches and 100 inches. Small-format prints typically top out at 13 x 19 inches.

With large-format projects, you're typically getting offset printing, digital printing, or screen printing services. A small-format print job is generally a small door sign or smaller.

The Benefits of Large-Format Prints

If you need your sign to have a presence and garner attention, there's no answer besides getting large-format prints. Before exploring large-format printing techniques, you need to understand the benefits that come with it.

Consider these advantages when you're looking to buy a signage print:

The Uses Are Versatile

One of the main benefits of large-format prints is that you can use them in a lot of different ways. Businesses choose custom large-format graphics design for several purposes.

A few of the main projects you might consider include:

  • In-store displays
  • Trade show banners
  • Self-standing signs
  • Wall calendars and posters
  • Promotional signage

You'll appreciate the versatility of these signs, whether you're working on large-format prints for trade shows, large-format printing for event marketing, or help enhancing storefront with large-format window graphics.

They're Effective Attention-Getters

If you're trying to garner attention with your signs, it doesn't get better than large-format prints. Once you boost this attention, you'll be able to turn it into sales and other forms of leverage.

You're always in the business of gaining attention, and these signs are excellent marketing pieces that are still tried and true. This is why large-format printing for retail spaces is still one of the most effective ways to beat out your competitors for customers.

It's Excellent for Brand Building

Having an established brand can pay off for you more than almost any of your other efforts. Once customers buy into your brand, they'll want to patronize your business again and again.

Creating eye-catching large-format banners that include your color scheme, logo, and font can help you build brand awareness and impressions that will keep people coming.

These Signs Are Durable and Sustainable

Going with large-format printing is also helpful because these signs are built to last. This durability lets you know that you'll get your money's worth from your signs.

Not only will your money go further, but you'll also get more brand impressions since the signage lasts longer. This durability also speaks to the environmental impact of large-format printing. It's a green-friendly decision since you won't have to replace it anytime soon.

You can also choose to craft a sign made from recyclable or other sustainable materials.

Designing Effective Large-Format Signage

If you're learning how to choose large-format printing, look no further than the help of a signage pro. They can help you with your large-format printing for interior decor ideas and
outdoor advertising with large-format prints alike.

Find a signage pro that you can trust and let them know what you're looking for. Perform a large-format printing cost analysis and ask as many questions as you need to about the large-format art reproductions process.

Discussing your needs will help you put the meat on the bones with the project so that you address every detail. A pro can use the nuances involved with large-format printing for event marketing, and can help you attach memorable branding and aesthetics to your sign.

Choose a signage professional that is up-to-date with large-format printing trends in 2023, and ask about the large-format canvas printing tips you should apply to the project.

Remember to focus on color psychology, since these choices affect the way people feel when they come across it. You should also browse the different materials they use to make sure you're getting signage that is long-lasting and impressive.

The materials that you choose also play a role in accomplishing sustainable practices in large-format printing, so that the sign is made with minimal impact to the environment. Ask the signage professional for design prototypes that you can browse before purchasing the sign.

This is helpful so that you're able to sign off on the work knowing that you're getting the end result that you're looking for.

Print Effective Signs for Your Business

The tips above are useful if you're interested in designing effective large-format signage. As you can see, large-format printing is an excellent style to look into when you're trying to do what's best for your business.

Alpha Graphics can assist you when you're trying to get the most from your business signage needs. We serve the local and surrounding area and would be happy to help you with your upcoming project. Take time out to contact us on our website or by calling (480) 602-3301.

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