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  • 5/30/2011
  • admin

118 Seconds

At last year's AlphaGraphics conference in Tucson, our featured speaker was Jeff Hayzlett, the author of "The Mirror Test" and the recent Chief Marketing Officer at Kodak. The context of the title is ...

  • 8/2/2010
  • admin

Disrupting MY Future

A couple of months ago, I did a post on the changes that will be going on in your neighborhood print shop in order for them to survive and thrive in this new digital age. In that post I cited the bo...

  • 6/17/2010
  • admin

Wordpress vs. Blogger

As any trained eye can see, I am now using Wordpress as my blogging utility.  I converted over to Wordpress from Blogger a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't an entirely easy thing to do and I am still ...