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Tips for Creating a Great Trade Show Presentation

Trade shows are a great way to get your company’s name out there and network with potential customers. Creating a successful trade show presentation can feel a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're speaking to a few people or a large group, having a great presentation is key to getting your message across in an engaging and memorable way. AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale is a local print shop that offers the best in print marketing materials, including trade show materials. Here are a few tips to help you create a memorable trade show presentation. Contact us today!

Know Your Audience

It’s important to know who will be attending your trade show presentation and what their interests are. That way, you can tailor your presentation to their needs and make sure it’s relevant to them. For the most part, trade shows are aimed at your industry, so this part should be easy. That being said, being in touch with your target audience to know their likes and dislikes is key. Let our team members help you brainstorm ideas today.

Be Prepared & Use Lots of Visuals

You should be prepared before your trade show presentation. Make sure to practice and rehearse your presentation, so that you’re comfortable and confident when it’s time to present. In addition, visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and pictures, can help to make your presentation more interesting and engaging. They can also help you to emphasize key points or illustrate complex ideas. AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale offers a variety of print marketing materials perfect for presentations. Get in touch today.

Keep it Simple & Use Humor

Trade show presentations can often be overwhelming with too much information packed into too little time. Try to keep your presentation simple and to the point, and don’t overload your audience with too much information. Attendees have a lot to remember from booth to booth. Adding a bit of humor to your presentation can help to keep your audience engaged and can make your presentation more memorable. Just make sure that the humor is appropriate and doesn’t distract from the message you’re trying to convey. Check out our presentation folders, flyers, brochures, signage, banners, and more to complement your trade show presentation.

Connect With Your Audience & Follow Up

Try to connect with your audience by using personal stories or anecdotes to help make your points. This will help to make your presentation more personal and engaging. Once your presentation is over, make sure to follow up with your audience. This will help to make sure they remember your presentation and have the opportunity to ask you questions or provide feedback. This is also your chance to hand out business cards, flyers, and even freebies to create a final lasting impression.


Creating a great trade show presentation doesn’t have to be difficult. And, with the right print marketing company in your corner, you will have the best trade show marketing materials to make a memorable impression. Our mission is to make your trade show marketing materials affordable, so we offer trade show bundles that contain everything you need, from business cards and flyers to brochures and appointment cards. And, to really drive home your message, consider trade show exhibits and displays for your booth. AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale offers promotional banners and bold signage to real attendees in. Coupled with a killer presentation, you’ll be sure to impress your audience. Contact us today!

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