Metal A-Frame

Discover the versatility of our Metal A-Frame - a foldable and practical sign perfect for curbside, storefronts, sidewalks, and beyond. Crafted with an aluminum frame, it accommodates two rigid boards, giving you the option to select from printed 6mm PVC boards, printed dry-erase boards, or both! Setting it up is a breeze - just open the frame, straighten the arms on the sides, and slide the boards into the top of the frame. With the added advantage of printed dry-erase boards, you can effortlessly write and erase messages for added convenience and flexibility. Embrace the possibilities of our Metal A-Frame to capture attention and effectively convey your messages.

Metal A-Frame Hardware

Front & Back Graphic
Dry Laminated Sign Graphic
Standard Sign Graphic


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  • Details
    • Available with both standard and dry-laminated graphics
    • Aluminum frame
    • Includes front and back graphics
    • Compatible with dry erase board substrates
  • More Information
    Assembled Dimensions 25"W x 32"H x 19"D                                                                                
    Hardware-Only Weight 6 lbs
    Graphics-Only Weight 8 lbs
    Approximate Total Display Weight 14 lbs
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