Floating Mount

Looking for the ultimate aluminum wall mounting solution? Look no further than our Floating Mount, meticulously crafted from 100% aluminum 1” square tubing. Effortless assembly is guaranteed with the help of plastic corner brackets included in the package, ensuring a sturdy structure.

Featuring a lightweight and portable design, this wall mount offers seamless shipping and assembly without the need for special tools. For ease of assembly, a rubber mallet can be employed to connect the tubes and corner units securely.

For those seeking a reusable graphic mount, a simple switch to hook/loop fasteners, replacing the high bond tape provided, unlocks the ability to use and reuse these mounts effortlessly. Elevate your wall display with our versatile Floating Mount for a sleek and durable solution.


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  • Details
    • Strong lightweight frame system to float rigid graphics off the wall
    • Bottom and sides use 1" square aluminum extrusion, top crossbar is 1" square with built in french cleat receptor
    • Order mounts based on the size of your graphics, mounts will be recessed 3"
    • Each frame includes 1 french cleat 3" narrower than the width of the frame
    • Square extrusions are silver with light gray plastic molded corners, french cleat mill finish
    • Each frame includes 3" stripes of ¾" wide high bond tape for mounting graphics. Test with your graphic media
  • More Information
    Frame Sizes Mount: 18" x 18"
    Graphic: 24" x 24"

    Mount: 18" x 30"
    Graphic: 24" x 36"

    Mount: 24" x 34" 
    Graphic: 30" x 40"

    Mount: 30" x 42"
    Graphic: 36" x 48"

    Mount: 42" x 66"
    Graphic: 48" x 72"
  • Download Design Template
    No template available

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