Adjustable Base Stand

Introducing the Adjustable Base Stand—a robust floor mount meticulously crafted to secure 1/2" thick graphics with ease. This welded steel graphic foot securely holds 0.5" boards from below, providing unparalleled stability for your visual displays. Whether you're working with 6' or 7' boards, the Adjustable Base Stand accommodates both sizes, ensuring a seamless fit as long as your board maintains sufficient rigidity. Not just limited to specific materials, these mounts support a wide range of lightweight rigid graphics, offering versatility for various display needs. For those requiring custom solutions, we offer Adjustable Base stands tailored to fit graphic thicknesses according to your specifications. The best part? These tool-free welded steel graphic mounts are the ultimate hardware solution for use with flatbed printed graphics measuring 1/2" in thickness. Elevate your presentations and achieve stunning visual results with the reliability and efficiency of the Adjustable Base Stand.


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  • Details
    • 4 ¼"H x 7 ¾"D
    • Sits flat on any surface
    • Features welded construction
    • All metal units are extremely solid
    • Great for lobbies, tradeshow floors, malls, etc
    • Stand can be used with graphics up to 7ft high. Substrate, environment, and other factors can effect maximum appropriate height. Test your media to ensure stability before use
    • Both the satin silver and matte black powder coated finishes feature fine textures, designed to withstand high traffic areas
    • No assembly required. Simple place ½" thick rigid media into slot of base. tool free rigid graphic floor mount
  • More Information
    Models 14" Stand
    24" Stand
    36" Stand
    48" Stand
    60" Stand                                           
    Colors Black
  • Download Design Template
    No template needed.

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