Connectable Stands

These Connectable Stands are sold in pairs and allow you to mix and match sizes and connect to showcase a a unique display of your brand or advertisements. The weighted steel bases help keep them secure while also staying portable and lightweight for storage and transportation.


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  • Details
    • Products sold in pairs include two uprights and two oval steel bases
    • Graphic is secured with headless set screws on one side of each upright
    • Buy pairs of uprights or mix and match individual uprights to design your own exhibits, displays, or rooms
    • For wider spans you can use connecting center uprights
    • 90º angle assemblies available for corner enclosures
    • 60º angle assemblies available for triangle enclosures
    • T combinations and 4-way center combinations also available
    • Extremely attractive 1" x 2" race track oval aluminum uprights
    • Weighted steel bases, 8" x 17" oval or 9" round
    • Portable, strong, lightweight
    • Available in satin silver
    • Simple 5 minute assembly
    • View graphics front and back
    • Graphics can extend beyond upright top
    • A 24" extension kit is available for additional height
    • Stand can be used with graphics up to 8ft in height. Substrate, environment, and other factors can effect maximum appropriate height. Test your media to ensure stability before use
    • Recommended maximum graphic width: 60"
    • May be used with thinner media by further tightening the screws
  • More Information
    Height 72"
    Sold in Pairs 2 72" single-sided silver
    2 72" single-sided black
    2 84" single-sided silver
    2 84" single-sided black
    2 96" single-sided silver
    2 96" single-sided black
    Sold Individually 72" single-sided silver
    72" center silver
    72" corner silver
    72" triangular silver
    72" "T" silver
    72" single-sided black
    72" center black
    72" corner black
    72" triangular black
    72" 4-way black
    24" extension kit silver
    Graphics 24"W x 72"H foamboard double-sided
    36"W x 72"H foamboard double-sided
    24"W x 72"H gatorboard double-sided
    36"W x 72"H gatorboard double-sided
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