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Hello, and welcome to AlphaGraphics of Northwest Atlanta! This is a brand new blog, and are very open to suggestions for topics for discussion. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to ask questions or even post answers if you have them. In general, we will be discussing best practices for preparing files for print and troubleshooting various printing issues. The purpose of this blog is to ensure that you get sharp, precise, vivid imagery for whatever your project may be. For example, when preparing a file for print, do you know how to make a document "bleed"? Or, do you know what "bleed" means as far as printing is concerned? We plan to discuss the basics of image resolution and how to get the best looking pictures in your documents. Various printing methods can change the appearance of almost anything in a document, and we plan to discuss how to prepare for these factors, such as digital printing versus off-set printing. For the more advanced, we plan to discuss fine-tuning aspects of printing; for example, how to produce a print-ready PDF file from the Adobe Creative Suite and what the correct tools are for the project you are working on. Once again, we are here to help! Please feel free to ask questions. The AlphaGraphics community is packed with enthusiastic folks who also want to know how to get things looking great, every time. If the blog does not provide the immediate help you need, please call us at (770) 953-2424. We will be happy to take your order or assist you in any way we can. Thank you for reading and we look forward to future discussions.

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