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Tips For Banners

A banner can be an effective tool to attract potential customers to your business. Your banner is another platform to market and raise awareness of your company. It needs to match your corporate colors and use the same fonts as your other company literature.  
-- Your banner needs to grab people’s attention and hold it. Banners filled with paragraphs of small text will have the opposite of the desired effect. -- The larger the banner, the bigger the impact, but make sure the size of the banner is appropriate for your purpose. -- Place your company logo on the banner so it’s visible from at least 15-20 feet away, and use a headline that sums up what you want your message to be or what special offer you are promoting; use a few images to show off your products or services. Keeping the banner simple and free of clutter or long, hard to read information will insure its effectiveness. -- Make sure that the color of your text stands out against the background. Best banner colors include black on yellow or white, blue on white, or green on cream. The most difficult color combinations to read include red on yellow, or green and red on blue.

The average attention span of a consumer reading an advertisement is less than 8 seconds. Keeping large format ads and banners simple and to the point will help make sure that your message is being received by as many potential customers as possible.

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