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Back to School Means Business

As the kids head back to school and summer winds down, at this time of year your business may see an uptake in productivity and sales.  The holidays are knocking at the door and ORGANIZATION is your key to end-of-year success. With vacation season behind us, it's time to keep your eyes are on the ball. If you want to end the year “up”, it’s crucial to prepare now. Our team of marketing gurus has compiled a short list of to-dos you can start on today to ensure smooth sailing through the end of the year.

Raise the Stakes with your Sales Team

If the summer months were filled with missed meetings and low attendance, that’s about to change.  Reinstate your weekly sales/marketing meetings. Keeping the lines of communication open and active will inspire higher productivity with your staff.  Encourage each member of your team to bring one new idea to the meeting and host an open forum to discuss each one.  

Refresh your Social Media

Does your FaceBook header include an image of fireworks and beach scenes?  Review all your social platforms to update images and content to reflect fall and end-of-year.  Schedule your posts at the beginning of each month using Hootsuite or Nuvi.  Check your analytics to assess which ones are trending the most.  The digital environment changes quickly and often.  Don’t be left behind or appear irrelevant because your content is “behind the times”.  

Re-Engage your Top Clients

Remember to “Dance with the one that brought you”.  Create a targeted communication campaign to re-engage your top clients.  Offer them end of year discounts, free delivery, and access to top-tier promotions. As an added touch, invite them to lunch or a VIP client event.  These simple acts will create long-term loyal clients.  

ReVamp your Content

With a fresh eye review your printed and digital content (website, brochures, videos, collateral).  Ensure your keywords are relevant and accurate, your backlinks aren’t broken, and your written content is on target with current times.  In too many cases we load content on our websites, continue down the road to success and never look back. In reality, your content should be refreshed on a regular basis and it must be consistent across all mediums. The is the #1 rule of SEO.  

Review Your Calendar

Enter all key dates on the calendar for everything between now and December 31st. Share the information with everyone in the company.  With the holidays quickly approaching your personal and corporate schedule is going to get crazy.  Stay ahead of the game and stay organized so you don't lose your head.  

Finally – Schedule your 2019 Planning Session

2019 is Knocking on your Door!  Schedule your indebt planning meeting for next year this October.  Allow time to create and plan for new campaigns and promotions for the upcoming year. Check back here for details on how to make your planning meeting efficient, creative, engaging, and effective!

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