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Stay Competitive in the Real Estate Market

As the Atlanta real estate market continues to boom so does the number of agents hanging out their shingles. Each day more and more homes are flooding the market.  Buyers and sellers alike want to stand out.  This creates a challenge for realtors helping their clients find the best value.  It's all about finding the perfect home and the perfect buyer at the right price. The uptick in the housing market has influenced how agents market themselves in our digital age. If you’re a realtor—no matter what side of the transaction you’re representing—it’s important to think about the best way to provide your clients with value. Often, the best way to do this is by making an upfront investment in your professional marketing materials.

Get Noticed!

Your marketing collateral may be your most valuable "first impression".  Your reputation directly correlates with having professionally printed materials and a strong ability to market yourself. To that end, it’s important to think about the essentials when it comes to printed collateral:
  • Business cards are a realtors staple. You will use them at networking events, open houses, and school functions. Make sure your card stands out with a professional design, all your vital contact information, and quality card stock.
  • Having data sheets or sales materials regarding your specific neighborhoods will be helpful in showing potential clients that you have done the research and can offer them in-depth knowledge of housing trends in the areas you represent.
  • Having quick FAQ sheets to answer new buyer questions will help boost confidence and squash fears while building your realtionship with clients.
Ensure you’re attracting clients by answering their questions, instilling them with confidence and marketing your skills and expertise in a way that benefits them. Printed materials can help answer all of these objectives.

Going the Extra Mile

When you’re representing a seller, it’s your duty as a realtor to help them sell their house for the highest possible price, with as few bumps as possible along the way. Often, this is easier said than done! But, with some quality marketing upfront, you can help your seller’s home stand out from the crowd in a way that ensures it fetches the best possible value on the open market,
  • Creating yard signs and markers that draw attention to a home beyond the “for sale” sign. These attention-grabbers can also be placed in high traffic areas away from the home, to drive prospective buyers to the listing.
  • Flyers and mailers can give potential buyers a quick synopsis of a home and its appeal, as well as some fast facts to push a sale.

Beyond the Printer . . .

Marketing goes beyond print. It’s important to consider the many digital mediums that can launch your marketing, help you get noticed while giving buyers and sellers the best possible advantage in this competitive market. Personalized landing pagesemail newsletters and more are all great ways to supplement your print marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. For all of these materials and strategy planning from talented marketing professionals, call us today  @ (770) 953-2424.  We’ll help you become the foremost realtor in your area by supporting your marketing efforts on both sides of the industry.

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