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The Psychology of Color

Understanding the influence color has on our world is crucial to building a compelling portfolio of marketing collateral.

A study from 2006 found that we make up our minds about other people and products within 90 seconds, and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Whether you are at the beginning stages of building your branding package or choosing colors to enhance marketing materials, the colors you choose say a lot about you. Colors conjure emotion in consumers so choosing the right colors for your brand or marketing is really important. It’s important to select colors for your logo that are recognizable and that fit your industry. There are many resources that explain the right color for your industry. Today we are diving into the color wheel to help you understand the complexity of choosing colors and to help you make an educated choice.

The influence of color:

RED Energy, Passionate, Courage, Attention ORANGE Optimistic, Independent, Adventurous, Creative YELLOW Enthusiastic, Spontaneity, Happy, Positive LIME GREEN Growth, Harmon, Fertility, Kindness, Dependability DARK GREEN Safety, Harmony, Stable, Reliable, Balanced SKY BLUE Freedom, Self-Expression, Trustworthy, Wise, Joyful NAVY BLUE Trust, Responsible, Honest, Loyal, Confidence PURPLE Imagination, Spirit, Compassionate, Sensitive, Mysterious PINK Compassion, Love, Immature, Playful BROWN Reliable, Stable, Honest, Natural, Comfortable GREY Neutral, Practical, Conservative, Formal, Quiet BLACK Power, Control, Authority, Elegance Be sure to choose colors that represent your brand and are in line with your message. Check back to learn more about the psychology of colors and color pallets.        

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