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Marketing Trends for 2019

The marketing landscape changes quickly and it is hard to keep up with the pace for business owners and marketers.  How do you differentiate yourself, find and onboard new clients, stay on top of Marketing Trends for 2019, all while maintaining trust in the ever-changing environment?  The more you plan, the better equipped you feel to stay focused and manage changes when they happen. The die is cast for 2019 and here is what you need to consider when choosing what platforms, you will use to market your business.

Let Your Style Shine Through

Being creative and not conforming will set you apart for the rest. People are always watching what the girl next door is doing and making decisions based off of someone else’s success. I recently heard of a new restaurant hit the scene in the immensely competitive Atlanta market.  The Slutty Vegan.  The name alone had people driving from New York and beyond to attend the grand opening.  Now I am not a Vegan, but I can’t wait to visit the restaurant to meet the team and see who came up with this brilliant name and marketing plan.  They took a chance and built a brand based on their creative ideas. Find what makes you unique and don’t be afraid to take risks with your campaigns.

Create Engaging Content and Delivery Methods

There is such a force towards digital marketing that everyone has abandoned any form of direct mailings. While Digital still has a firm standing within your plan, remember to be open minded and consider other options. A company I know has re-engaged in printed materials and direct mail campaigns as a compliment to their digital efforts. They used cards, invitations, postcards and promotional items. Sounds Old Fashioned? Well, don’t tell them that.  They have increased sales and brought on new clients over the last six months through direct mailings. It’s simple, all of their competitors (the girl next door) has gone digital, and this company saw an opportunity to be different. I would not recommend you abandoning your digital campaigns, but I do see how integrating a printed mailer into your current drive can be just what you need to engage new and old customers.

Understanding Your Customer is Crucial

This is nothing new for me.  I have always worked with my clients to know who their customers are and to have a detailed profile of their target audience. With today’s technology, it’s as easy as “swiping up.”  There are so many ways people are imprinted by the sites they visit and the technology they use.  Every time to you log into any social media site or sign up for a new service you are being profiled, and the information is used to market directly to you. Based on your preferences and searches, there is nowhere to hide.  As a consumer, this is something you want to look out for. As a business owner or marketer, it helps you pinpoint how to find your ideal customer and provides the resources to reach them effectively.

Keeping it Fresh

Fresh content is still a key focus for your success in 2019.  As the market changes so go the population.  In this day of immediate gratification, people consume information at an astounding rate.  Once today’s news story gets stale there is a new one that follows.  Your customers are hungry for content and knowledge. This is one of the hardest aspects of marketing.  I recommend breaking down the walls between sales, marketing, client services, and management.  Give everyone a chance to provide content based on their perspective in their department. This will ensure you have a library of articles to choose from for brochures, fliers, blogs, and web content. I have seen companies fail to create a synergy between their departments; as well I have experienced leaders that form a cohesive environment for their staff.  Those are the successful ones. I hope if nothing else, your take away is "be creative and don't be afraid to take chances."  If you have questions on 2019 Marketing Trends, contact us at 678-727-0678.  Check our blog and learn more about what's trending for 2019.

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