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Local Marketing 101

Be Smart with Your Ads

If you aren't already investing in Facebook ads for Local Marketing, now is a good time to start. Facebook ads are an excellent option since they allow you to utilize images to convey your message and spread awareness about your brand. You can target these ads to particular geographical areas, which will enable you to direct your ad money to the audience you are targeting. Start with a small budget and scale up as you see viable leads in your pipeline. (Be sure your social media accounts are up to date before starting this campaign) You don't want to send new leads to an old, stale page. If a prospect lands on a page that looks abandoned, they will most likely leave. Present your business on Facebook the same way you sell it to your prospects.


Blogs are an outstanding way to direct more traffic to your website from search engines. You can also link to blogs in your social media posts to promote click-through web traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Write blogs that cover events or activities that are going on locally. Consider creating a local guide that's relevant to your products or services. For example, a local party-planning business might write a blog about the best venues in the area to target local leads.


People rely heavily on testimonials and reviews from former customers, so why not highlight these on your pages? Feature positive testimonials in social media posts or even use a quote.  Update these posts monthly to keep fresh content on your site at all times.


Email communication is an essential component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Develop an email list and keep in touch with your potential leads by emailing them about special offers: discounts or new product or service offerings.


Local sporting events, festivals, and markets offer a fantastic platform for you to reach new customers. Sponsoring an event is a relatively small investment that can pay off. In exchange for sponsorship, you'll have your logo posted at the event, and you may even have your business plugged at some point during its proceedings. Check back for more Marketing Nuggets from AlphaGraphicsGA Contact us @ (770) 953-2424

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