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Direct Mail Marketing: Easy Steps to Success

Direct Mail Marketing – Easy Steps to Success.

Direct Mail (DM) is a strategy that uses your local USPS mail service to deliver personalized printed marketing materials to a carefully selected target audience of your choice. When you decide to create and launch a direct mail marketing campaign, it's essential to know what to expect and what you should prepare before jumping in. Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most of the popular marketing channels. In general, direct mail achieves a 3.7% response rate with an in-house list and a 1.0 – 2.0% response rate with a prospect or purchased list.

While you consider all the possibilities and begin to build your content, we suggest you set a goal and clearly define your expectations.

What action do you want your audience to take?
Here are some examples of clearly defined and attainable goals.
• 50 prospects will call your office and set up a meeting • 300 new leads over a six-week campaign • Cross-sell your new products to 50 customers • 300 candidates click a landing page and sign up for your workshop • 200 people download an e-book from your website Once your goal is identified, ensure that your message clearly leads your prospect to take the appropriate action.

We help you build a successful Direct Mail Marketing campaign through our multi-step process:

1. An AlphaGraphics Specialist will host a discovery call with you to walk you through the process and stay with you every step of the way. 2. Once you have a plan, we will schedule an exploratory call with AlphaGraphics DM data expert to build and define your list. Your critical criteria may include target audience, demographics, geographic, age, spending habits, family income, interest, hobbies, magazine subscriptions, education, and financial data. 3. Your AlphaGraphics DM Expert will help you establish a campaign strategy and discuss the frequency of mailings and appropriate channels based on your messaging, desired outcome and goals. In this call, you may consider tracking, analytics, landing pages or dedicated phone numbers. 4. Your AlphaGraphics DM expert will provide a detailed estimate for your review. 5. Your postcard or letter should be captivating and informative. Our team of graphic designers will help you create and design the artwork need for your mailer that enhances your brand and will help you GET NOTICED. 6. The use of variable data is a crucial feature to ensure your mailer stands out from all the rest. Our team will help you choose and integrate the variable data into your design for optimum impact. 7. It's down here from here. You will receive email proofs and estimates for approvals, and with just a click, you are good to go. 8. We take it from here – The AlphaGraphics team will print and deliver your customized mailing to the USPS bulk mail facility. At AlphaGraphics, our marketing consultants have years of experience creating effective campaigns, and a big part of that involves direct mail marketing. We'll help you find the right target audience, design the best mailers, and choose the best campaign strategies to ensure you have the highest chance of success.
Now, Get Going!
getGoing and find out more about Direct Mail Marketing from our professional team. Call us today: (678) 727-0678.

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