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Customized Wraps and Window Clings

5 Easy Interior Product-Promo Tips

Online shopping and free expedited shipping have changed the way consumers shop by offering one-click instant gratification. With these few simple tricks, your brick-and-mortar business can still stand out by using Customized Wraps & Window Clings. The key is to cut through the internet noise and deliver information quickly and attractively to customers. By making use of bare walls – or even empty floor space – and designing a few eye-catching graphics, you can boost your sales and move products out the door.

Read on for five easy, effective ways to promote products inside your store.

  1. Impactful Interior Graphics Floor and wall graphics have two benefits: first, they can lead customers to a product or area of interest. Whether you’ve got a fun new display or a product launch, use graphics like a trail of breadcrumbs. Secondly, they can draw attention to an offering or a new product line while boosting your interior design. A mural, wall graphics, or a branded floor decal adds excitement to the shopping experience.
  2. Customized Wraps & Window Clings If there’s a surface in your business, it can be wrapped with a graphic or cling. From windows to columns, displays to tables, a custom wrap or window cling creates customizable, highly visible promotion while making use of previously unutilized space. Graphic Wraps and clings help build the buzz around a product or promotion. They are eye-catching and informative and sure to drive more customers in and more products out.
  3. Beautifully Branded Displays Branded displays are not only extraordinarily impactful but versatile, as well. Useful for a product, service, or promotion, you can be endlessly creative in your design. Impressive structures, textures, and materials are visually engaging, capturing the attention of passersby.
  4. Emphasize Digital Signage  Digital signs are not only eye-catching but versatile. Easily updated with new products or promotions, digital signs keep customers informed with fresh content.
  5. Unbeatable Banners Banners and banner stands are a classic. Loved for flexibility in design and usage, banners are easy to update for any season, product, or promotion. Banner stands are also lightweight and can be moved to draw attention to a new installation or to take advantage of customer traffic.
Though there are countless ways to promote products or services in your business, these five methods are tried and true. As you begin to plan for interior promotions, take a look around; how can you make the best use of your space? What surfaces are available for custom wraps? An impactful combination of graphics can help strengthen your message and attract customers. Contact AlphaGraphics today to make 2020 your most impactful marketing year yet.

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