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Employee Spotlight: JOHN WHITT

It all started in 1988

Actually, more like 1984. I was working in the Chicago area as the music director for a large Episcopal church. I’ve been a musician all my life but I’m fascinated with methods of communication -- medieval writing and calligraphy, book arts, printing, typography, layout, and design -- all kinds of art, really, which is ultimately about communication. I was also an accomplished photographer and had some understanding of the power of imagery. At the time, my career was focused on music, specifically sacred music, one of the most powerful non-visual tools of communication. I was lucky because while I was working in music I was unaware that I was learning a second career in graphic arts, by producing newsletters, concert programs, publicity posters, ads -- communications for the church and music department, and I developed a close relationship with local printers and began absorbing aspects of that craft. Really old school before digital. The Mac was born in 1984. My darling daughter was born in 1988. In those four years, the church joined the digital revolution, acquired a Mac Plus and a small offset press, and took much of its communications in-house. So I learned to design, print, and publish. I was hooked. [caption id="attachment_625" align="alignnone" width="150"]John Whitt John Whitt[/caption] Four more years of musical work led to two years of teaching as a contract trainer on corporate campuses around Chicago, teaching software packages including design and publishing on Unix, PC, and Mac platforms. Family opportunities brought us to Atlanta where we have been ever since. I have been able to exercise and broaden all my skills in both the visual AND the non-visual arts by working independently as a professional photographer, and for AlphaGraphics (22+ years) as a graphic designer and prepress specialist. I’m also a church music director again, and I conducted a local Atlanta choir for eleven years. It’s been quite a journey. But that’s what life is, isn’t it?

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