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Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing has taken a whole new form, restaurant owners learned quickly that stellar reputation, good food, and word of mouth aren’t enough to stay afloat. With the nationwide spread of COVID-19, the need to get the word out has intensified as patrons are now confined to their homes and your dining rooms are sitting empty.   However, this doesn’t diminish the importance of a solid marketing plan encompassing social media and print services. In fact, it makes stellar branding and a consistent story even more important. As small business owners navigate uncharted waters, marketing seems to come naturally for some while others struggle to stay afloat.   AlphaGraphics is here for you. With our talented graphic designers and top-notch marketing team, we’ll help you develop a marketing plan for your business’s needs. Whether you need graphic design assistance or freshly printed, single-use menus, our team is ready to assist you as you conquer the COVID-19 quarantine.   To help you get started, we’ve put together our Top 4 Tips for Restaurant Marketing during Quarantine. Read on for more.  
  1. Share on Social Media
Now more than ever, your patrons are in their homes scrolling through screens, whether on a laptop or cell phone. Rather than thinking of your empty dining room and the challenges you’re facing there, look at the opportunity. Utilize all social media platforms and break up the scrolling monotony with dazzling images of your best dishes.   Whether you choose to use Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, share delectable images alongside your menu, but don’t stop there. Encourage your fans to not only “like” your feed, but to share images of their COVID-19 takeout feasts. Post photos of your staff preparing delivery and takeout orders and remind your patrons that your restaurant is not only a great place to visit, but that you’ve got their backs – and their stomachs – throughout this challenging time.   While posting online sounds easy, keep in mind that it’s more difficult than you might think. But by posting consistently, identifying your target audience, and using applicable geotags, you’ll spread your content to those who love it most. Take this time to understand your audience’s needs, their preference for images versus content, and try running ads to reach new customers, too.
  1. Update Your Website
We already know the importance of a website for your business; it helps bridge the gap between you and the outside world. Take this time to ensure your content is fresh and regularly updated. You may even want to speak with a professional web developer to ensure your site is secure and able to host the features you need, like an online ordering program.   Also, remember to post your page to online directories like Yelp and Google My Business to help customers find you. You don’t want to be the world’s best kept secret, and a professional website with high visibility will open doors to visitors, vacationers, business groups, and events in the future while boosting online takeout and delivery orders now.  
  1. Start a Food Blog
A new food blog will not only thrill your regulars but help new customers find you. By posting recipes and tips to your website, you’ll align yourself as an expert, boost your site’s SEO, and provide fresh content for your social media posts.   But don’t bite off more than you can chew! Carefully develop a social media schedule and be consistent. Share your blog on your site, in social media posts, and in your email newsletters to keep customers craving your scrumptious creations.  
  1. Give Back to the Community
Remember, these are the people who have supported you since your doors opened. This is your opportunity to give back to them. Whether you provide food to a foodbank, meals to students who have been sent home for quarantine, or a surprise delivery to healthcare workers, use your passion to service and help others.  
  1. Make Your Menus COVID-Proof
Paper is not dead – especially not now! This is the perfect opportunity to print some fresh, disposable paper menus featuring your logo and any takeout or delivery specials you’re offering. As a restauranteur, you know that impressed customers are return customers, so this is your chance to translate your eatery’s friendliness, warmth, and customer-centric values to simple menu guests can use safely.   Make your guests crave your cuisine with professionally designed menus featuring mouthwatering images and descriptions of your dishes. AlphaGraphics offers professional printing and design services to create custom paper menus. Your guests will appreciate the level of design, as well as the disposable, sanitary nature of these single-use menus and the thought you’ve put into creating a delicious, convenient dining experience during COVID-19 quarantine.

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