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Introducing New Owners of AlphaGraphics North Atlanta: Wendy and Lloyd Race

A New Beginning for Our New Owners! 

Introducing: Wendy and Lloyd Race

Wendy and Lloyd Race are new owners in the Atlanta, GA area of Alphagraphics North Atlanta. They share their journey and why they chose to join the network of AlphaGraphics owners.

 1. What were your reasons for looking into business opportunities?

After a long and successful career in Corporate America as a Global HR Executive, I hit the pause button; taking advantage of a restructuring event that gave me an option to step out of that role and reflect on my career and what I wanted to do next. I started my working career as an Entrepreneur and there was always something inside me pushing me to do it again. My husband was also at a turning point in his career. After spending 12 years raising our children he was ready to jump back into the workforce. Having owned and operated his own landscaping business he wanted to do something where he was connected with customers in an impactful way. I was on LinkedIn and came across the title ‘Owner’ and after reading the job description we decided to pursue it. Within 24 hours we got the call from AG.

 2. How did you narrow your options down and why did you choose AlphaGraphics? 

We didn’t know anything about AlphaGraphics, not one thing. Once you get connected with Kirk Allen everything just starts to make sense. We really appreciated that there was never a hard sell on joining nor the pressure to make the big decision to buy a business. Relationships were what was the focus and making sure we fit the Alphagraphics Culture and the AG culture fit us. We were given access to information that truly helped us form our ultimate decision.

 3. Can you describe the AG process compared to other opportunities -What made AlphaGraphics stand out? 

What was the best part of the whole experience is that they saw my husband and me for our individual talents and trusted that we each could add value to a business. We also knew that having the support of the Franchise would be a huge asset to us both.

 4. How did you find your center?

 Let’s just say that Kirk Allen spends the time to get to know prospective owners. We had many meetings teasing out what we thought we needed and Kirk brokered the rest.

  5. How was the support during the steep opening learning curve?

The Atlanta owners are top-shelf people! We call them our guardian angels. Past and present owners have come to our rescue on many occasions. Having a franchise network to lean into is such an advantage. We all want to see each other succeed and everyone knows they represent the Brand and we want that to be protected and nurtured. The AG help-desk is also a great tool as you come up the learning curve, they really give you that customer service that so many other companies just don’t value. It always feels like everyone who is part of AG wants to be on a winning team and everyone puts in the extra to get the job done.

 6. How is the quality of training and learning? 

The best part of training is being in a Center and learning on the job. The owners are gracious with their time and very transparent about the ins and outs of running a business.

 7. Why do this during a Global Pandemic? What was the reaction of your friends and family?  

There is always opportunity in a crisis. There is still a good market for Print and new product offerings are helping fuel the growth. Sometimes a business just needs a fresh set of eyes. My husband and I have juggled multiple projects at the same time and are known for taking on things that others would shy away from. Not one person was concerned, they expected this of us.

  8. What is your overall goal for your business?

Our goal is to embed ourselves in a community that we’ve grown to love. We’ve moved around a bit for my Corporate career and we’re happy to now call Atlanta our home. We used to be very involved at a community level and owning a business will help us reengage in a meaningful way.

  9. How does AlphaGraphics mesh with your family?

We want to instill in our three children strong values around hard work, providing for yourself and those who depend on you, and being selfless. We hope that one of our children decides to keep the legacy of business ownership going after we’ve achieved all the goals we set out to accomplish.

 10. Closing thoughts...things you wish you knew 

You can never be prepared enough for what you’re about to embark on. Each day you just have to believe in yourself. Owning a business can be so rewarding just like raising Children but it takes work and dedication. Each day builds on the prior and before you know it you’ve built something amazing.

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