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The Value Of Printed Materials In A Digital World: How Printed Materials Can Drive Digital Traffic

Printing vs Digital

There’s no denying we live in a digital world. Companies are opting to spend their advertising budgets on online advertising instead of printed materials like billboards and magazines. Instead of visiting or writing letters to friends and family who live far away, people are deciding to catch up online. Fans no longer go to the store to pick up their favorite band’s newest CD, because it’s available to stream the second it’s released. Even books have started moving online. The world is only going to get more digital from this point on, so how does a company like AlphaGraphics Idaho Falls, who specializes in printed materials, stay afloat? We’re glad you asked! We would like to take you through our analysis of the printing vs digital world. Here are a few simple ways you can use our services to increase the effectiveness of your next marketing campaign.

Special Promotions/Coupon Codes

The first way to drive online traffic is to include a coupon code to be entered on your website. People are always looking for sales and special offers, so you can bet your online traffic will increase!

Dimensional Mailers

A lot of people aren’t aware that you can actually create printed media for mail that is not a traditional rectangle shape. At AlphaGraphics Idaho Falls, we have die-cutter machines to cut any interesting shape you can think of. In addition, non-traditional shapes can be tricky to design, so our design department is happy to help!

Landing Pages

Including a pURL (personalized URL) on your printed materials is a sure way to drive online traffic. In fact, here at AlphaGraphics Idaho Falls, we have the ability to design and launch a customized landing page just for your business or customer. These landing pages can create a place for people to sign up for an email list, get a coupon code for a special promotion, sign up to participate in an event or anything else you can dream up. Example of a Personalized URL (pURL)) - Printing vs DigitalSure, those are some cool ideas, but are printed materials even worth the effort? Of course! The surprising thing about printed materials is that they haven’t disappeared. Despite the convenience and environmental factors, printed materials have stood the test of time. In fact, according to The New York Times, e-books are once again on the decline, and according to the U.S. Postal Service, 98 percent of people still check their mail daily, and 77 percent sort through it immediately. In addition, PBS tells us that 40 million Americans still don’t use the internet. With printed materials, you can reach those individuals. In fact, with direct-mail campaigns (i.e. catalogues, dimensional mailers, magazines, etc.), you can have an extremely narrow target audience. We’re talking more than just a certain zip code. Just like online marketing, you can target direct-mail campaigns to people with specific interests, careers, incomes, education and more. The best part is that a segmented audience is more cost effective. You don’t have to bother sending something to people you know aren’t interested just because they’re in the same zip code as someone who is going to be interested. You can focus all of your efforts (and budget) on those people who are more likely to take action.

In Conclusion

So, what is it about printed materials that makes them so timeless and permanent? People enjoy the feel of having something physical in their hands. In this digital environment, people crave a more tangible connection to the world around them. You can cater to those needs for a successful consumer-business experience. If you are ready to get started contact one of our specialists today by calling 208-522-2679 or emailing us at We would love to help. Do you have some ideas on ways you have or have been wanting to integrate print with digital? Share you ideas in the comments below.

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