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Strategies for Creating Unique Building Signage

Unique building signage is critical in creating a lasting impression for your business. Your building signage captures the essence of your brand, tells your story, and attracts attention from potential customers. In a crowded marketplace, it's extremely important that your building signage sets you apart from the rest. AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield offers top-rated business signage for your needs, including interior and exterior signage. Here are some strategies for creating unique building signage that will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will also captivate your customers. Contact us today!

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Stand Out with Illumination

One of the most striking ways to make your building signage unique is by incorporating illumination. Illuminated signage gains extra attention during the nighttime and can create a magical effect to your brand. Various methods can be used to achieve this, including backlight illumination, edge lighting, and spotlights. By using creative design and unique typography, illumination can turn a simple sign into a memorable design. Ask our sign experts for advice today!

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Play with Materials

Materials are also an essential factor in creating unique building signage. Different materials work differently for various designs and aesthetics, such as metals, glass, vinyl, or ceramics. Choosing an unusual material that best represents your brand can make your business signage truly unique. The use of unconventional materials, such as reclaimed wood, stone, or brick, can also create an organic and vintage vibe that adds character and uniqueness to your building. Let the team at AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield help you decide on sign materials today.

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Incorporate Bold Typography

The typography of your building signage can convey a lot about your brand. Bold typography with personalized lettering and a unique style can create an unforgettable impression on your clients. Using creative lettering, 3D text, or a unique font can help create a distinctive visual effect that will not be forgotten easily. From directional signage to wayfaring and dimensional letter signage, grab attention with our custom business sign designs for your logo signs, monument signs, and more today!

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Add Graphics and Textures

Adding texture, graphic images, or illustrations to your building signage can help make it more interactive and memorable. Graphics help your customers see your message and understand your brand in a unique and creative way. Whether using hand-painted graphics, window graphics, or digitally printed graphics, there are several techniques to make your signage stand out. Let the experts at our local sign shop help you craft beautiful graphics and textures today!

Be Mindful of Placement

Proper placement of your building signage is also critical. Your signage should be visible to your target audience from a safe distance. The placement should also align with your brand message and enhance the overall look of your building. A misplacement can result in the signage losing its impact and becoming a missed opportunity to attract potential customers. AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield has years of experience in crafting business signage that can be easily seen. Get started today.


Creating unique signage allows businesses to stand out and capture the attention of potential customers. The creativity and technique behind the design can give the building a visual impact that lasts for years. Applying the right strategies to make your signage unique, such as proper illumination, materials, lettering, 3D effects, graphics and textures, coupled with brand identity and proper placement, can create a distinctive look that helps your brand stand out in a crowded competition. Our sign shop experts are here to help you with all your building signage needs. Contact AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield for unique banners, posters, large format signs, and more today.

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