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Updating Your Business Cards & More for a Summer Makeover

Summer is here, and it's time to give your business a fresh new look. While it might be tempting to focus all your marketing efforts on digital channels, updating your business cards and other print materials can make a significant impact on your brand perception. AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield is a local print shop that offers the best in print marketing materials for your business, including banners, posters, business cards, and more. In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips and ideas for updating your business cards and more for a summer makeover. Contact us today!

Choose a Summer Color Palette

One effective way to give your business cards and other print marketing materials a summer makeover is by using a bright and vibrant color palette. Think about colors that evoke summertime, such as blue, green, yellow, and orange. You can pair a color update with summer imagery, such as tulips, blooming trees, and singing songbirds to really embrace the season. Call our custom print shop today.

Update Your Logo

If it's been a while since you last updated your logo, now might be a good time to consider giving it a refresh. Your logo is a critical aspect of your brand identity, and updating it can bring a fresh look and feel to your brand. Consider working with a professional graphic designer at AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield to create a new logo that reflects your brand's values and speaks to your target audience. Call today.

Experiment with Different Shapes and Sizes

Traditionally, business cards come in a standard rectangular shape. However, by experimenting with different shapes and sizes, you can make your business cards stand out from the crowd. Some popular alternatives to traditional business cards include circle or square-shaped cards, or even foldable cards that can double as a mini-brochure. Check out our options today!

Create Themed Business Cards for Events

If your business attends conferences, trade shows, or other events, creating themed business cards can help you stand out. For instance, if you're attending a beach-themed conference, consider creating business cards that feature a beach scene or incorporate beachy colors into your design. Themed business cards can be a fun way to engage with potential customers and make a memorable impression. Learn how from our experts today.

Add a Splash of Texture to Your Design

Adding texture to your business cards and other print materials can make them feel more premium and attention-grabbing. For example, you could add a matte finish or use embossing or debossing techniques to create raised or recessed areas on your cards. Adding texture to your design is an excellent way to make your business cards stand out from a sea of flat and highly saturated designs. Let the expert print marketers at AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield craft beautiful business cards for you today.

Use a Custom Typography

Using a custom typography can be an effective way to make your business cards and other print marketing materials look unique. When choosing a custom typeface, keep legibility in mind, and make sure the font is easy to read. Consider working with our professional designers to find the right custom typeface for your brand. Get in touch with our custom print shop today.


Updating your business cards and other print materials is an effective way to refresh your brand identity and make an impact during the summer months. Remember, your business cards and print materials are your frontline marketing tools that help to engage potential customers and represent your business. You want to ensure you have the best. Partner with AlphaGraphics Northbrook/Deerfield for the best print marketing materials to grow your brand and your business. Call today!

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