Durable Foam BoardDurable Foam Boards
A lightweight and easy-to-handle solution for your indoor signage needs.

Foam core is the perfect substrate for temporary indoor signage, as it can be mounted and displayed using stands or holders and positioned with relative ease. The signs are typically easy to transport and set up at various events, such as trade shows, conferences or presentations. Despite its lightweight properties, foam core is remarkably sturdy, providing stability and durability for your event.

Foam Board CornersA Versatile Material
When would Foam Core be the appropriate substrate choice for your project?

Foam core is made from a layer of dense foam sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper. It can be susceptible to damage from bending, denting and puncturing if not handled with care and is primarily designed for indoor use.

The material can withstand normal indoor use and is suitable for short-term applications. We would recommend foam boards for projects that require a crisp eye-catching design and do not require high durability.

Foam Core DesignFoam Board Design
AlphaGraphics in Wood Dale can assist in designing your eye-catching foam board graphics.

Our design team can help create artwork for your foam core sign whether it's for a presentation, a retail display, a trade show, or any other application. We take pride in bringing life to our clients specific requirements.

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