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The AlphaGraphics Spice Table Event: A Pinch of Creativity and a Dash of Strategic Marketing

For over 25 years, AlphaGraphics Elkhart has provided local businesses with unparalleled printing, captivating signage, and marketing expertise impressive enough to make Don Draper blush. Our outstanding reviews and loyal repeat customers testify to our ability to transform visions into awe-inspiring results.

However, we sometimes need to practice what we preach and create a trade show display to promote our products and services. We recently did so at the local Chamber of Commerce meeting and again one week later at the Notre Dame Procurement Expo.


Our in-house signage, printing, and marketing gurus used their tradeshow know-how to design eye-catching and persuasive marketing materials for our booth. The goal was to attract foot traffic with an interactive event showcasing our ability to engage attendees and pique their interest in our offerings.

Read on to learn more about our Spice Table event and how we can help you make your event as big of a success as ours was.

How We Caused a Line to Form Halfway Around the Convention Hall

Breaking through the bustling vendor noise at trade shows and expos can be challenging. However, our interactive booth at the Notre Dame Procurement Expo did just that. We created such an engaging experience that the line to participate wrapped around the room.


The secret to our success was an innovative concept we called the "Spice Table." This hands-on activity allowed visitors to create their own custom spice blend. We set up a long table filled with an array of over 11 different spices and herbs. 

Attendees could choose from four unique spice mix recipes—Taco Seasoning, Cajun Kick, Burger Blend, and Dry Rub. As they moved down the table, our friendly staff guided each person to select and measure out spices to match their chosen blend.

Once they reached the end of the table, they were met by a staff member who assisted them in funneling their custom blend into a branded bottle and box. This ensured that each visitor left with a unique product and fostered a sense of brand connection and satisfaction.

The success of our Spice Table can be attributed to its ability to appeal to a wide demographic. With a unisex concept that drew in both men and women, we created an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

While the spice table event was a huge success, we also relied heavily upon the printed and signage materials we created to reinforce our brand identity and effectively communicate our offerings.


Here are the top 10 branded marketing materials that we utilized to maximize our impact at the event:

Table Throws

A branded table throw is a mark of professionalism and an essential part of our visual storytelling. Our tablecloth was more than just a surface to display our products; it's a statement piece that invites attendees into our world, showcasing the essence of our brand with clarity and confidence.

The right table throw can transform a simple table into a compelling advertisement for your business. It's invaluable for reinforcing brand identity and creating a memorable trade show or event presence.  

Synaps Paper

Synaps Paper is a game-changing print media that combines traditional paper's aesthetic appeal with the durability of synthetic materials. Its tear-resistant and polymer-based construction ensures that your printed materials maintain their integrity. 

You won't have to laminate anything again. Synaps Paper is ideal for high-touchpoint materials, such as restaurant menus and presentation handouts. Cleaning could not be simpler: just take a damp rag and wipe the surface clean.

This durable paper alternative suits the needs of brands seeking professional-grade collateral. Synap Paper empowers businesses to effectively showcase their messaging at events and deliver a persisting impact from trade shows to boardrooms.


The spice jars we distributed at the show were a hit, thanks partly to the eye-catching labels that captured our messaging: "Spice Up Your Business." Each label was a mini-billboard, a conversation starter, and a lasting reminder of the creative flavor we bring to every project.

Labels are powerful branding tools that can carry your message far beyond the initial point of contact. Whether adhered to products, packages, or promotional giveaways, a well-designed label ensures your brand sticks in people's minds just as it sticks to the item it adorns.

Retractable Banners

Our retractable banners stood tall, displaying our services and solutions with vibrant graphics that drew in the eye. Easy to set up and even easier to spot, these banners were vital in guiding visitors to our booth and sharing our story at a glance.

Retractable banners offer a portable, efficient, and visually striking way to showcase your brand. Their versatility and ease of use make them perfect for fast-paced trade shows, where they can act as eye-catching beacons to draw attention and help you stand out among competitors.


A-frame Signs

We strategically placed our A-frame sign to direct traffic towards our booth. Its double-sided display worked overtime to catch eyes from all directions. The consistent attention our booth attracted demonstrated the enduring impact of prominent signage.

An A-frame sign
is a versatile promotional tool, ideal for announcing your presence and directing potential customers to your location. The portability of A-frame signs allows strategic placement in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility. This makes them an essential part of event marketing outreach.

Business Cards

Our business cards served as a personal touch in a digital world, inviting further connections with each handshake and introduction. As tangible pieces of our brand identity, they were a personal exchange of actual branding that reinforced new connections. 

Business cards
are a must-have for any company exhibiting at a trade show. Ideally, yours should stand out from the countless others collected by attendees walking the aisles. The best way to do this is by using unique card stock, finishes, and customization options.

For example, a handcrafted wood business card made from sustainable maple veneers could help a furniture company make an earth-friendly impression. With an engraved logo that attendees could literally feel, this natural material card would be remembered long after the trade show ends. 

Or a real estate firm could provide a custom metal key embedded into their contact card, emphasizing their role in unlocking new property potential for clients. Unique business card designs with multi-sensory features can make brands stand out.

Manuals and Catalogs

The AlphaGraphics Buyer's Guide was more than a catalog—it was a comprehensive showcase of our capabilities powered by a tactile browsing experience. This allowed clients to understand the breadth of our services.
afted manual or catalog can quietly yet persuasively showcase your brand. It allows potential clients to explore your offerings page by page at their own pace. Manuals enable deeper engagement with your products by inviting this self-guided learning.


Backdrop Signs

 Our backdrop banner showcased our brand identity and immersed attendees in our booth. It framed conversations and focused interactions, making it the perfect backdrop for photos that turned every snapshot into a shared promotion.

Backdrop signs are essential for creating a branded environment at trade shows. These banners visually anchor your space, making your brand the focal point of every interaction and keeping your message front and center.

Custom Boxes

We nestled each finished spice jar into a custom box with the value proposition, “You Dream It, We Print It,” and a short explanation below. Each side of the box.. These branded boxes made a simple container part of the customer journey that connected our booth to their homes.

Custom boxes with your logo can advertise beyond packaging. They remind customers of the care and quality you provide each interaction. Simple containers become branded touchpoints from purchase to use.

AlphaGraphics Elkhart can print boxes for packaging products & promotional gifting. No matter the occasion and no matter the box size— we’ll create a professional looking box that’s sure to wow and impress.

Stationery and Envelopes

Our stationery and envelopes carry the essence of our brand right to your mailbox. They're not just for correspondence; they're a signature, a way to make every message you send feel considered and personal.

Custom stationery and envelopes show attention to detail and an appreciation for craftsmanship. In a world where digital communication prevails, they offer a personal touch that can distinguish your brand and create a lasting impression.

Spice Up Your Next Trade Show Booth with AlphaGraphics

Our Spice Table event was a resounding success at the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce meeting and the Notre Dame Procurement Expo. People leaving were overheard saying it was the best event experience they ever attended.

However, you don’t need to go all out like we did to make an impact at your next trade show. Professionally designed and created A-Frame signs, retractable banners, and other promotional materials will allow you to attract attention and stand out from the competition.

Contact us today and let AlphaGraphics Elkhart help make your event as big of a success as ours was. Drop by our office to learn more about what we can do for your business:

AlphaGraphics Elkhart

22158 Elkhart E Blvd, Elkhart, IN 46514

(574) 295-1203

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