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Bring Your Creativity to Life with AlphaGraphics Elkhart's New Digital Die Cutter

Bring Your Creativity to Life with AlphaGraphics Elkhart's New Digital Die Cutter

AlphaGraphics Elkhart is thrilled to introduce our most recent acquisition: The Duplo DPC-600 Digital Die Cutter machine. This innovative new technology transforms our approach to custom printing projects for local Elkhart businesses and organizations. 

What if we told you that you can now create virtually any die-cut shape imaginable without expensive setup costs or long lead times? Read on to learn how this game-changing machine has just unlocked new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and creativity. 

Meet the DPC-600: A Game Changer in Printing Technology

The DPC-600 is a digital die cutter that cuts paper, laminates, adhesives, synthetic stocks, and other materials into specific shapes. Advanced computer software guides a metallic blade that makes ultra-precise and detailed cuts.

This unique machine eliminates the need to create a time-consuming and expensive one-off die. Quick and cost-effective project turnaround times are now a reality thanks to the streamlined on-demand operation.

What sets it apart is the ability to significantly reduce the traditionally required setup and changeover times. This efficiency is a game-changer for local businesses needing quick and high-quality turnaround times for their custom-printed materials.

The DPC-600 Digital Die Cutter allows AlphaGraphics of Elkhart to turn your innovative ideas into reality with the utmost precision, speed, and flexibility.

Custom Solutions for Every Need

Our new digital die-cutter removes the barriers to creative expression. With the DPC-600, complex designs are not just possible—but strongly encouraged. This flexibility allows your business to explore unique shapes and designs that stand out. 

Here are just a few of the many ways we can make your brand memorable in a crowded marketplace: 

Business Cards That Stand Out

We can now create uniquely shaped business cards faster and easier than before. For example, we can produce cards with dimensional elements like circles, ovals, and even complex silhouette shapes that immediately grab attention. The on-demand customizability also makes tailored cards for individuals, departments, or campaigns cost-effective by eliminating setup fees.  

Stickers, Decals, and Labels

The new die-cutter creates stickers, decals, and labels with intricate shapes and bold details. This makes brand messaging stand out with multidimensional, tactile effects. Imagine a dimensional logo popping out or slogans embedded within complex geometric decals. Any surface is fair game for promotion now that we can create textures, patterns, and sharper details than flat, boring decals of the past.  

Unique Greeting Cards

For truly memorable greeting cards, the DPC-600's precision cutting capabilities allow endless personalization with specialized shapes, textures, layers, and embellishments. Bring heartfelt custom visions to life for birthdays, weddings, new babies, or any other occasion by incorporating recipient details through exact die cuts. 

Innovative Bottle Neck Hang Tags

Showcase your product's unique personality by adorning it with a tailored hang tag. Produce cost-effective small prototype runs with various customizable neck tag designs to test which marketing messages best speak to your product's qualities. The flexibility of on-demand die cutting opens up new possibilities for drawing consumers' eyes to what makes your product special.

Packaging and Prototyping

Our new digital die-cutter is changing how packaging and prototyping are done. It delivers precision and flexibility, making creating custom designs easier and affordable. This technology enhances the entire process by enabling better design experimentation and achieving high-quality results quickly.  

Pushing the Boundaries of Print

We encourage you to test the limits of the DPC-600 with unconventional projects. The weirder, the better. This digital workhorse laughs in the face of the “impossible.” It urges you to push boundaries and unleash your wildest ideas without limitations holding you back.

Do you have an inkling for a multi-dimensional pop-up invitation shaped like a circus tent? We welcome the challenge. Or perhaps you envision an elaborate packaging design involving intricate cutouts, hidden compartments, and layers upon layers of dazzling details. Bring that brilliant vision our way and watch it come to life with precision and personality.

That’s the creative freedom the DPC-600 offers - no more compromises or watered-down renderings of an ambitious design. If you can dream your wildest idea up, we can produce a flawless tangible version with imagination to spare.

Let’s Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life!

Partnering with AlphaGraphics means choosing a team dedicated to your success. The DPC-600 enhances our ability to deliver unmatched quality, flexibility, and creativity in print solutions.  

Contact us today and let AlphaGraphics Elkhart help make your event as big of a success as ours was. Drop by our office to learn more about what we can do for your business:

AlphaGraphics Elkhart

22158 Elkhart E Blvd, Elkhart, IN 46514

(574) 295-1203

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