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Prepare for Future Trade Shows with Signage from a Professional Printer

South Kansas City and Kansas Businesses Stand out from the Crowd, Thanks to AlphaGraphics South Kansas City

Although most trade shows this year have been canceled or postponed, there will soon come a day that these big events are back on, drawing thousands of people into convention centers all over the United States. You need to be ready! Now is the perfect time to update your trade show booth decor and signage, so you’re prepared as soon as the next event date is announced. Our local print shop, Alphagraphics South Kansas City, can help you get a leg up on your competition by completely redesigning every aspect of your booth, including pop-up banners, tablecloths, marketing assets, and more.

How is Trade Show Signage Different from Other Signage?

Unlike directional signage or building signs, trade show signage is designed to create a small, intimate space that reflects your company’s brand, while also drawing attention to the information or products you offer. Directional signage tells someone where to go, and building signage provides a label so people know where your business is located. Trade show signage tells people why they should stop walking through the venue and see who you are. Because trade shows bring together companies in similar industries or with similar target audiences, it’s important to your booth be the most attractive, interesting one there, so that your business gets the attention that it deserves. Trade show signage also likely conveys information about your business. Not only does it incorporate your brand colors and logos, but you’ll also want to use imagery and quick, key facts about what you do and why you’re important, so the audience clearly understands what they can expect from you and why they definitely need to stop walking and take a look at what you’re offering.

Types of Trade Show Signage to Consider

Backdrops A backdrop wall with large-scale graphics gives your trade show booth a cohesive look. It can also set the tone for how people interact with you while they visit. Consider a backdrop to be like your movie set. Everything that happens at your booth is inspired by it. Banners Vinyl banners attract attention and can be used to help your visitors know exactly who you are and what you’re about. One of the most cost-effective products that print shops offer, vinyl signage can serve double duty for other purposes outside of trade shows. Banner Pop-Ups Easy-to-carry and store banner pop-ups stand tall above your table and convey fast facts about your company or product. When you set up your booth, all you have to do is pull the banner up out of if it’s base and secure it on a hook. To put it away, it rolls back up automatically, much like a roller blind in a window of your house. And because you don’t have to carefully fold it, you’ll save lots of time on set-up and teardown. Name Badges Make a connection with the people who stop at your trade show booth by identifying yourself. Your name badge should include your first name, your job title (if important), and your company’s name and logo. Name badges identify who you are and show your visitors how you’re connected to the business you’re representing. Posters and Flyers Custom-printed marketing assets, like flyers, give your visitors something to take away from their interaction with you. Maybe it’s a well-designed flyer about your app or software product, or perhaps it includes the specs to an industry-specific piece of equipment you sell. Regardless, it will help keep your brand top-of-mind the next time your recipient is in need. Posters, which tend to be larger than flyers, can also be set up on easels or other stands inside your trade show booth area to share information about your products. Table Throws We’ve never seen a trade show booth without one of those long, 6-foot folding tables. Aim higher than a disposable tablecloth or the plain white one the event organizers give you by ordering a table throw with your company’s logo emblazoned on it. Table throws come in a variety of colors and can be custom screen-printed. And like banners, they’re cost-effective and reusable for other events at your company.

Designing Trade Show Signage in South Kansas City

Large-scale printing and design can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have access to the software and equipment necessary to do the work. Decking out a trade show booth is hardly something you should DIY if you’re looking to convey a professional, polished image. Pop-up banners, large vinyl signs, backdrops, and more require a special skill set to produce. Working with a professional print shop with experience in all facets of marketing signage is a wise choice for making a great first impression at the next tradeshow you attend to represent your company and capture new leads. Great-looking trade show materials can help you achieve your business goals; a professional printing service can help you do it.

Where Can I FInd Trade Show Signage Near Me?

To design, print, or special order trade show booth decor and materials, AlphaGraphics South Kansas City can help. Not only will our in-house graphic designer create professional designs for all your materials, but our team can use the power of our coast-to-coast resources to get you everything you need to project a professional appearance to your target audience. Call us at 913-236-8888 to discuss your multitude of options for making your trade show booth a hit at your next event. We’ll talk to you about cost estimates, graphic design ideas, and what your goals are, so we can help you take the next steps for preparing for your trade show debut. AlphaGraphics South Kansas City is located in Olathe, Kansas, and serves communities on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas state line, including Lenexa, Shawnee-Mission, Prairie Village, Martin City, Belton, and more.

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