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#agkc Print Profiles: Get to know Ross!

#AGKC Profiles Ross Sanders, Production Manager Ross has been with AlphaGraphics Kansas City since 2010. You may have spoken with him as you were scrambling with that last minute project you needed by 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Here is a little more about the guy in charge of production and making things happen!    Tell us about your background in design and printing: I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Interactive Digital Media. My first job was in pre-press at Citizen Printing, where I worked my way through the print shop learning all aspects of production, to running their offset presses. By the time I left there I had a very good understanding of each piece of equipment. In 2010 I was hired on at AlphaGraphics as the pressman / bindery person, and have worked my way up and into the production manager role. As production manager, you oversee many aspects of the workflow. Can you tell us a bit about your day to day role? It is very fast paced and detail oriented. Multitasking is a must, because at any given time we could have 40-50 jobs in production all of which are due in a short amount of time. What kind of projects do you enjoy working on most? I like the creative, non-standard orders. It’s fun to create or produce a job that you don’t see too often, or even at all. Could you share your top three “must knows” about designing for print? BLEEDS are a must. Publisher and PowerPoint are not design software. Graphics downloaded from the internet will not produce well, unless you purchase a high resolution image.  Who do you live with? Tell us about your family! I am married to my beautiful wife, Alyssa, and we have three kiddos, Molly (7), Boone (4) and Scarlett (2) All three of them are very special to me and have their own distinct personalities. I enjoy every minute spent with them...even if they are throwing one of their priceless temper tantrums. They’re hilarious :) What are some of your hobbies? I love being outdoors, long walks on the beach …. wait that’s what everyone likes :) Hunting and going to the country (someday I will live there again), building whatever comes to mind (Pinterest is the bane of my existence!!!) Music, Smoking Meat (doesn’t matter what), hanging with the fam. For the record, we love when Ross spends a weekend smoking meat. It means we get spoiled with leftovers! What is his favorite aspect of Kansas City? The history is pretty cool, great beer and company. The fine arts and music are awesome. There is country everywhere around the's the best of both worlds. Well there you have it! Now you know a bit about one of the miracle workers here at AlphaGraphics Kansas City. Ross brings an immense amount of knowledge and expertise to #agkc, and we wouldn't be where we are without him! Thanks for all you do, Ross! Sanders Family #printer #production #design #graphicdesign #printmedia #presswork #productionmanager #KansasCityPrinter #PrintingKansasCity

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