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Staying Top of Mind - Promotional Products

The summer slow down is something many of us dread. It's those few months before we pick right back up into the swing of holiday madness beginning in the fall.You don't have to let your summer be boring! It is the PERFECT time to keep your clients excited by giving them an awesome gift. Here are a few tips on finding a promo item that will not only get your brand out there, but that your client will absolutely love. Give them something they will use! How many times have you gone to an event, only to receive a bunch of branded key chains. Now, key chains are definitely a useful item, however consumers probably don't need 20 little figurines to kelp keep track of their car keys. Instead, opt for something they will actually use on a daily basis. Technology items are great promotional gifts. The best part is that there are many different price ranges where you can find a gift for your tech savvy client. One of our personal favorites are these custom thumb drives. Pro Tip: You can even pre-load them with information about your company to give to your prospective clients.
DSI thumb drive

Focus on the season

This one is easy. If it is summer, don't give a snuggie. In the winter, it is probably best to stay away from those mist fans. There are so many cool gifts that are tailored to the seasons. Our clients are excited to receive our branded mugs filled with treats. In the winter, fill them with hot cocoa and a package of cookies. Do a summer tumbler and throw in some sweet snacks. Check out a couple of our most recent projects. We love the double walled sipper cups! photo

 Keep promo items on hand

Do you host a lot of client facing events, or have visitors to your office? Make sure to keep some promo items on hand to give out on the fly. Tumblers are great for this. Journals, pens, and tote bags are practical gifts that are versatile enough that you can give them to just about any client.

Industry Specific Gifts

One of the great things about promotional items is that there are so many industry specific gifts that people will actually use. One of our favorite gifts this year were the gel cool packs. These are hit with the medical industry, massage and physical therapy, health and wellness, and more. No matter what your industry, there is a great promo gift our there that your customers will use over and over. (Which means they are looking at your information over and over too!) gel cool packs

It's okay to be bold!

If you have a specific event, think of something fun or quirky to hand out. Give a fan in the shape of a mustache, or how about these branded, glow-in-the-dark sunglasses? People love the fun stuff too! o. sunglasses

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