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mollythemagnificent Meet Molly The Magnificent.... or better known as Molly Angle. She's here to help you get what you need, her Loyaltia species allows her to read the mind of her clients and see the future. She's charming, funny & will be just as loyal to her clients & community as she is her friends. You'll recognize her by her Star Dream skin, Kraft colored hair & cunning smile. But watch out, that smile is her weapon, the ability of that cunning smile is a secret and nobody will ever know exactly what it does. Molly The Magnificent struggles with numbers but can help you visualize a project through all of the steps. She is a key to community involvement and you will see her out and about in Kansas City more & more. She has all of the knowledge about AlphaGraphics that you need to know to ensure you are choosing the right printing & marketing company. She is married to the Mr. Incredible of her dreams and has 2 small children. She loves steak and the outdoors but hates seafood. Her spunky & loud personality can turn any rainy day into a sunny one. It's a bird, it's a plane, NO IT'S MOLLY THE MAGNIFICENT!  

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