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Superhero Profile - TYPEFACE

typeface Meet TypeFace also known as Scott Crawford. He also goes by the alias of Bradley Hand. TypeFace is here to protect the world from the overuse of Calibri & Arial. He's sly, creative and clever. You may recognize him by his oversized forearms that have a tattoo of an "A" on the left and a "Z" on the right. He has Helvetica Light skin with Copperplate hair. His species, Fette Fraktur, allows him to convert True Type Fonts into Open Type Fonts. He struggles with height but is able to leap a capital "T" in a single bound. Watch out for his weapon the A Zapf DingBAT. He can take your Word doc and work miracles but his power limitations do not allow the use of Comic Sans. His powers don't stop there, he can also create magical graphics that will turn your print into a success. On the personal side of things TypeFace is married with 2 children. He loves Alphabet cereal and learning about the history of ligatures but dislikes spinach. His clever comebacks will keep a smile on your face but don't take him too lightly because he means business...

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