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Superhero Profile - MR. ANONYMOUS

mranonymous Meet Mr. Anonymous also known as Ross Sanders. He is our behind the scenes #agsuperhero. His powers allow him to be invisible & create high quality pieces with the touch of his hands! If you've ever wondered who is behind your masterful project it is Mr. Anonymous. Some people may not recognize him, his invisibility keeps him a mystery, however, on the right day you may see him working around the office at AlphaGraphics Kansas City. His ability to memorize virtually everything makes him a key to operations. He can be running the press, 2 digital machines, and bindery equipment all at one time. He never lets poor quality slip through his fingers. With his keen eye for banding and poor registration he is sure to deliver the top of the line products that are offered. His industry knowledge and powers combine to create a superhero like no other. While his weakness is his anonymity, his strength is just that! Mr. Anonymous is married to the wonder woman of his dreams and they have 3 wonder kids. He loves outdoor activities and spending time with his family (when he isn't being Mr. Anonymous that is!)

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