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Superhero Profile - QUEEN BEE

queenbee Meet the Queen Bee of AlphaGraphics. She's also known as Haley Haar, owner & president of the company. Along with Mr. Producto, this dynamic duo is responsible for the foundation and morals of AlphaGraphics Kansas City. You'll recognize her by her sleek look, red lips and shades. She's sassy, smart, and ready to make a difference.   Queen Bee calls the shots, her super levitation power gives her the ability to hover through the office and overlook the projects that are in production. She keeps everyone focused on the project at task with her super focal submission powers. All she has to do is remove her shades, give you the look and you're hard to work! She has a warm & kind heart and a genuine love for those around her, a true Queen. She is married to Mr. Producto, they have 2 super children. They work hard every day to ensure that AlphaGraphics Kansas City is a success. With their combined powers #AGKC is sure to see even more growth this year!  

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