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5 Tips to Great Tradeshow Handouts

It can be exhausting to prepare for a trade show, only to have potential clients walk idly past scanning the sea of booths for something that jumps out. Wouldn’t it be nice if your booth and materials did the talking for you? AlphaGraphics Kansas City can help you can the business that everyone talks about! Trade shows offer an amazing opportunity for your company to build brand awareness and spotlight products and services. You need high quality and eye catching trade show deliverables that drive your message home and bring potential customers to your booth. To make the most of your trade show experience, keep these tips in mind. tradeshow blog collage Focus on quality products Tradeshows are often full of kitschy giveaways and cheap brochures that end up at the bottom of event tote bags and in hotel rooms trash cans. There’s a lot to be said for the power of perception. Higher quality documents have more staying power and feel more significant to prospects. Digitally printed business cards, handouts and brochures don’t need fancy language. Instead, focus on -Innovative graphic design -Papers with premium finishes and textures. -Bindery with unique shapes and formatting -Content that includes statistics, case studies and resources that prospects will want to put to use in their day-to-day job. Premium tradeshow materials won’t tear easily and are much more likely to be conserved. Find dual-purpose uses that solve problems Brainstorm ways that you can offer value in your tradeshow collateral that have more purposes than just informing prospects about your business. Conference attendees learn a lot of new facts – perhaps leave an empty area for notes on your handout. Trade Shows attendees ends up with tons of business cards – perhaps provide the solution with a tool they can use to organize them. Once your unique items are in attendees hands, they’ll stay there. Have different options for different scenarios. The reason companies often focus on lower-quality trade show materials is that they’re planning to hand them out en masse so they need to be cheap. Here’s another solution, have different materials for different prospects. For the casual browsers have simpler more generic information for them to grab. For those more engaged prospects that you have a productive conversation with, offer them your higher quality materials. With this tactic in mind, you could invest a little more in graphic design, branding and printing services for those materials that will make the biggest impact. Consider Adding a Promotional Item. A recent study found 84% of respondents remembered the advertiser on promotional products they received.  Compliment your high quality brochures and sales collateral with a gift that will stick around long after the fliers have been used.  Look for useful items for the strongest staying power and greater perceived value. tradeshow blog collage promo   Take a double look at branding and identity Successful Trade Show materials are those that make it all the way home to your contacts workplaces. They are saved to pass along to colleagues and to reference in follow-up meetings. It is very important to consider what impression your materials will give as a stand-alone package. -Do they present your brand image and communicate high quality? -Does the material within them offer eye-catching information and useful statistics? -Can your prospective client understand the value of your business by reviewing your material? -Away from the fancy trade show booth and your staff, you need trade show materials to keep the conversation going between you and a new potential client. Utilizing these 5 tips will help move your tradeshow materials to the next level and help you stand out! AlphaGraphics Kansas City serves companies all over the country when preparing for trade shows. Our specialties include large format signs, banners and posters and high quality digital printing services. We offer expert services in branding and identity development and graphic design. Contact us at 816-842-4200 or to get a quote and to see how we can help you to make an impact. Request a quote here!  

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