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Unique Marketing Opportunities: Wall and Floor Graphics

Advertising your business with wall and floor graphics is an affordable tool to spread the word about your products or services. Wall and floor graphics can be placed just about anywhere that you could imagine in order to grab the attention of your target audience. The key to using any form of out of home advertising is to cause surprise, so your target audience thinks “What was that!?” which helps them to remember your products and/or message. Popular Wall and Floor Graphic Mediums Wall Clings This versatile medium clings your advertising graphics onto windows, mirrors and cars or commonly used devices like hand dryers, the back of bathroom stall doors. These work great outdoors as well, such as on lamp posts or evening concrete walls. Wall Cling Ink Cans Floor Vinyl The floor of walkways, entryways and other high traffic areas are an underutilized place for advertising. Non-Slip materials printed with full-color graphics will grab attention of pedestrians within areas and businesses that match your target demographic. Floor Vinyl Graphic Example   Window Vinyls Empty windows are prime real estate for more people than just window shoppers. Imaging your company message on store-fronts with huge window vinyls. Vinyl window graphics are easy to take on and off, making them perfect for special promos or sales. They can install in minutes but look great for years.  Ambassador Window Decal ESS Wall Graphic Murals Wall graphics can be applied to a wide variety of materials, from concrete to wood and can be printed in huge formats. This allows for the possibility of interior or exterior wall murals to leave a dramatic impression. Another great benefit is that wall graphic materials range from premium vinyl to over-laminate to digitally printed wall paper - all which can be installed and taken down easily. Sales Pit Mural Graphic Vinyl Acrylic Mural Example Wall and Floor Graphic Placement for Maximum Impact Target Bathrooms for a Captivated Audience The bathrooms of clubs, restaurants, sports stadiums and other venues are an ideal place to get in front of an available audience - they are away from other distractions and would love something to read or see while doing other business. As we all know, a creative advertisement is a welcome alternative to starting at a blank wall. Think of the areas that are being stared at unintentionally - backs of stall doors, the floor below the hand dryer and clings on mirrors are prime places for wall and floor graphics. Another thing with bathrooms, your wall and floor graphics can be targeted to specific genders with distinct messaging! RosinCrop Bathroom Exmaple High Traffic Walkways for Unexpected Impact When people are quickly walking along their way, their heads are usually down and in their own thoughts. They’re surrounded by billboards or in store windows as they walk by, which are more traditional and so are easier to be ignored. Floor graphics can place your advertisement in an unusual place, in a way that could grab distracted walkers attention within their tracks. With the options of large format digitally printing, floor graphics can be cut to any shape and created for both indoor and outdoor areas. Options for outdoor floor graphics include sidewalk decals, asphalt/pavement decals, floor stickers and street graphics. DST Wall Graphic Create a Unique Environment with Floor and Wall Graphics Large format wall graphics would allow you to transform any space into a fully immersive brand experience. From plaster walls to concrete floors--you name the surface--and it can be transformed to be a canvas for your message. Window graphics are one of the easiest to install, as well as most affordable, and the possibilities are endless. Ytart by applying graphics within your business to impress clients - such as a floor to ceiling portfolio of successful client projects - and then find unique areas to advertise your business or clients. Village Green Pool Example  

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