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February Employee Spotlight - Ross

  ROSS SANDERS (2) This month we are turning our Employee Spotlight on our renaissance man. Ross has many interests outside of work that are fascinating, and they make him the valuable employee that his customers and coworkers appreciate so much. While at a family BBQ at Haley's parents' place, Ross first learned about Alphagraphics KC. Ross had been working at a local printer when Matt and Haley begged him to join them shortly after purchasing AlphaGraphics KC in 2009.  SPOILER:  Ross and Haley have been friends since childhood., Ross knew that he'd be working in a great environment with hard-working people, where he would get to learn and perform a variety of different tasks. As the Production Manager and AG Signs Installer he juggles a workload that would make most people tired just reading about it. But what can you expect from a former cowboy? Yes, during college, Ross was an actual cowboy in charge of a herd of cattle. In the movie's, it's a glamorous job, but in real life, it is hard, dirty work. Tagging and vaccinating livestock, dealing with snow removal, making sure every animal is properly fed, repairing the facilities, it is a job that requires an expansive skill set. It takes stamina and an ability to create order out of chaos. Being a cowboy was the perfect preparation for the work he performs at AlphaGraphics Kansas City, where he sometimes has more than 50 different orders in production at once. The most difficult aspect of his work is also where he shines the brightest; "Keeping track of all the details and meeting the deadlines of all jobs in production." Not a simple task, but one he does exceptionally well. Making sure that every bit of work is completed to the customer's satisfaction is a must. When asked to describe AlphaGraphics KC in three words, Ross stated, "Successful…Consultative…Quality." Working closely with their customers and consistently providing quality work are high standards that are adhered to every single day. The company values its place in the community, and knows that producing the best work possible for everyone is how to maintain its standing. It helps that AlphaGraphics KC is a great place to work. According to Ross, "It’s worth its weight in gold to have a steady job and an amazing staff that is a family and has the same values and goals to be successful as a company and as individuals." Not only is it a great place to have a career, they insure that every employee is trained and up to date in the latest technology. "AGKC has spent a lot of time and money in training for me in my career development, making sure I am up to date on new equipment, techniques and training" he said. Ross recently completed the training and testing to become a 3M Certified Installer.  Working with the very latest technology and equipment is great for both customers and staff, keeping the work up to date, modern, and fresh. This allows AlphaGraphics Kansas City to offer cutting-edge solutions in creative work and pre-production, print production, mailing and distribution solutions, and data and marketing strategy. When Ross has some downtime, he loves to work with his hands, and is self-effacing enough to claim, "I’m good at anything I try, but not great at one thing." Spoken like a true renaissance cowboy. He also loves the movies. According to Ross, if someone were to ever make a film about his life, it would have to star the actor Chris Pratt. But don't bother writing a book about him; the title for that would be, “Don’t Bother Reading This, The Movie is Coming Out Next Year Starring Chris Pratt.” When asked to describe himself in three words, our humble cowboy could only come up with one: dedicated. That he most definitely is.    

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