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Customer Spotlight: LEGOLAND Kansas City partners with agSigns at AlphaGraphics Kansas City to improve exhibit!

Legoland Ninjago Exhibit Photo courtesy of Chrissy JohnsonKids of all ages have loved LEGO® since they were first invented and patented in 1958. The first LEGOLAND® Discovery Center opened in Berlin in 2007, followed in 2008 with a location in Chicago.  Since then LEGOLAND Discovery Centers started popping all over the world and the Kansas City area got their own LEGOLAND in 2012.  In order to keep people coming back, year after year, LEGOLAND changes their exhibits regularly.  This creates a need for visuals that can be relocated or temporarily used and that can also withstand the wear and tear of the reoccurring crowds. In January 2016 LEGOLAND Kansas City received the LEGO® Ninjago Training Camp, one of the traveling exhibits which tests an individuals’ agility by trying to avoid laser beams through a maze.  The LAZERMAZE utilized a variety of different sized wall graphics to create the maze and other exhibit details.  However when the exhibit arrived in Kansas City a few of the graphics were damaged.  Having partnered with AlphaGraphics Kansas City in the past, LEGOLAND Kansas City called the agSigns team immediately to find out what it would take to get the exhibit back in tiptop shape. On Monday, the agSigns team was able to make a same day consultation and began production on the new graphics the next day.   Ross, AGKC’s 3M certified graphics installer, installed all 25 new graphics before the exhibit opened that same week.  Because of LEGOLAND Kansas City’s partnership with AlphaGraphics KC they were able to meet Opening Day without missing any of the exhibit details. LEGOLAND Kansas City also gave AlphaGraphics KC a Family 4 pack of tickets to raffle on social media.  Again, this was another great way to promote a the exhibit and an awesome partnership! Next time you visit LEGOLAND Kansas City.  Take a look around at some of the signs and graphics on the walls.  You’ll be sure to see more than a few things that have come from the great team at AlphaGraphics KC. Graphic & Installation Specifications
  • 3M removable wall film, specifically developed for temporary wall applications were used to cover the walls of the maze and other portions of the exhibit.
  • Matte lamination was used on all printed pieces for look and feel, but also to protect the graphics from NINJAGO Trainees.
  • Contour Cut Training Signs designated individual training stations. After the wall film was laminated it was contour cut to custom shapes and applied on top of the other graphics.
  • Entrance and Exit signage to hang at entry points the attraction were mounted to PVC for easy installation and removal.
Legoland Exhibit  Legoland exhibit More about LEGOLAND Kansas City: If you are interested in trying your skills in the LAZERMAZE or some of the other fun and educational attractions at Kansas City LEGOLAND Discovery Center, visit their Web site at:  

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