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March Employee Spotlight - Allison

            It is rare when a company finds the type of employee that they have with Allison Barkley, the AlphaGraphics Kansas City, employee spotlight.  Her team says she is a joy to work with and her clients find her professional and always willing to go the extra mile to provide a complete array of solutions to meet their printing and business needs. Allison first came to AlphaGraphics Kansas City when she heard from a friend that they were looking for a Relationship Manager.  Allison decided to apply for the job and the rest is history—and AlphaGraphics good fortune. Allison is a graduate of the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and considers graduating from this well-respected school one of her greatest achievements.  After college, she went on to take a position in special education and was a paraprofessional for a year.  In that position she worked with special needs children providing them with additional assistance in areas where they were challenged.  She considers that to be her most difficult, yet most rewarding job. When it came time to change careers, she knew she wanted to use her “people skills” and sought out a position where she could meet people and provide them with solutions.  Her goal was to work for a company that truly believes in their employees and gives them the opportunity to learn, grow and excel in all areas of their career.  AlphaGraphics offered her all the opportunities she was looking for and she is the perfect example of someone that has taken that opportunity and has excelled to the benefit of her clients. She also states that in order for her to work for a company they have to have integrity and run their business with high standard and ethics to do the right thing.  She found that with AlphaGraphcis. Allison loves a challenge, which is why she is so well suited for her current position as the Relationship Manager for AlphaGraphics.  She says, “Getting my foot in the door with potential clients can be a challenge.  Even though AlphaGraphics offers a complete suite of products for their business needs, sometimes it can be challenging for decision makers to move out of their existing situation and try something different even if it is a better solution for them.” Allison is a dichotomy of sorts, while she is meticulously organized when it comes to work and her working environment, she does admit that she is challenged to keep both her closet and car as pristine as her work environment. In her spare time, Allison loves the company of her family and friends, she says “it doesn’t even matter what we do, as long are we are together—it’s always a fun time.”  Her friends consider her to be goofy, compassionate and imaginative and above all, a great friend that can always be counted on.  Allison’s constant companions are her two dogs Diesel and Cali.  In addition to long walks, they love to cuddle up for free-time naps. Her credo is “every cloud has a silver lining,” a saying that she really takes to heart and she seeks out the good in every person and every situation. In addition to her thriving career, her long time goal is to settle down, start a family and perhaps open up a business of her own. AlphaGraphics Kansas City is proud to have Allison as the newest member of their team and looks forward to her continuing to offer great services to business owners in the Kansas City area.  

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