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May Employee Spotlight - Haley Haar

Haley Emp. Spotlight Header AlphaGraphics values its employees, and really appreciates those all-stars that go above and beyond what is expected! This month’s Employee Spotlight goes to our shining star and owner – Haley Haar. There are a LOT of things that make Haley Haar deserving of the employee spotlight, but what stands out the most, is her dedication to her job – and her family. Haley is able to balance her career at AlphaGraphics, be a hands-on mom, and still find time to volunteer at non-profit organizations like the Women’s Employment Network and the Kansas City North Alumnae Association of Alpha Delta Pi —where she is the outgoing president.  As if that weren’t enough, Haley also volunteers at her daughters’ school. She enjoys learning about the newest technologies in the industry and can help with publishing, agOnline, personalized URLs and other new marketing technologies.  She has a degree in Biology and certification in Leadership from William Jewel College. After college, Haley worked in several industries including finance, education, non-profit and accounting as well as owning several businesses herself.  After moving around a bit, Haley joined the AlphaGraphics team in Arvada, CO as the Promotional Production Manager.  Three years later, the Kansas City native purchased the Downtown Kansas City AlphaGraphics with her husband, Matt and here they are today! Though we’re convinced that Haley must have some sort of super powers to be able to juggle all those responsibilities, she is a super employee and owner who makes AlphaGraphics a priority. Haley believes in making the Kansas City location the best it can be, which starts with investing in employees. By providing her staff with the necessary tools and training they need, Haley’s team is able to provide unparalleled customer service on projects of any size. Among the list of great leaders in the AlphaGraphics Company, you’ll find Haley’s name at the top. Leading by example, Haley sets the bar high expecting nothing but the best from herself and from her staff. Leaning on advice like, “It is better to try something and fail than to be fearful and never try” and “In order to achieve something, set a goal and take a little step in that direction. If you do, you will almost certainly see that come to fruition," Haley is able to encourage her team to move beyond the comfort zone and work towards the goals the company has set forth. Haley is a “go-getter” and can rise to the occasion; she expects the same of those she surrounds herself with. “If your friends, peers, and mentors don’t challenge you, what is that relationship worth? Being challenged lets you take the next step in your personal or professional life. It enables you to appreciate your successes and strive for more.” When she’s not busy balancing the weight of the world on her shoulders, Haley’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her children and her two dogs – Ranger (English Cocker Spaniel) and Scout (Gordon Setter). Haley is pretty much the outdoors type. She enjoys gardening, outdoor activities, and anything that allows her to spend time with her kids – like going to the beach for vacation. When it comes to all-stars, Haley encompasses the very definition. She is hard-working, dedicated, and driven. She has been successful at running the AlphaGraphics Kansas City franchise. Adapting the superpowers that any career-minded mother has, Haley has successfully mastered the work-life balance. Passionate about her career, Haley strives to be the best that she can be on a daily basis. Through encouragement, training, and providing essential resources, Haley has also helped her staff to adapt the same drive and passion for what they do which has only helped launch AlphaGraphics even further. She gives to her job, her family, and finds time to give back to the community. This is the true definition of success and for that we hope you will help us in congratulating her on her accomplishments! Congrats Haley! Keep up the good work.

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