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The Benefits of Targeted Mail

The marketing world is changing at breakneck speed and many of the ways we used to advertise have become old hat. Buying ads in the local yellow pages is a great example, assuming you can find the old pony express to drop one by your office. However, there is an older method of marketing that is still highly effective. In fact, it can be more effective than most other methods.   Welcome, to targeted direct mail marketing!  Businesses struggle to find effective ways to get their message across in a cost-effective way that really works. While some companies have switched their marketing efforts to strictly online methods, smart business owners realize that targeted direct mail provides a great ROI, especially when it is part of an entire strategy that uses a variety of tactics. Highly Targeted Marketing = Results
  • A targeted direct mail campaign is as focused as a political campaign. Your direct mail is aimed at a very specific demographic. Let’s say you run a bookstore. You can purchase a mailing list that includes people who have purchased books in your local area print postcard to mail directly to them. Why waste money on people who don't read in the first place?
  • Personalized campaigns are much more effective than bland, generic ones. Direct mail can be customized with your customers’ personal information and preferences.  Think about including a customer’s pet’s name on a message from their Vet. When your approach is more personal your customer is more likely to pay attention to your message and spend their money with you.
Physical Touch = Ownership
  • Direct mail is delivered straight to your potential customer's hands. The United States Post Office reports that 98% of the population brings in their mail every day, with 77% sorting through it immediately. When physical contact with your customer is made via snail mail they are more likely to pay attention to it, as they feel it is more reliable.
  • Because mail is one of the oldest methods of communication, people trust it. Consumers are skeptical of email and other novel marketing methods. This is not true with direct mail since they grew up with it. Snail mail is familiar, and familiarity creates trust.
Targeted Direct Mail is Versatile There are a wide variety of formats at your disposal that will keep your message more interesting to your potential customers, and more suitable for individual campaigns.
  • Postcards
  • Bulky Mailers
  • Custom folds and shapes
  • Unique Envelopes
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
Measurable Results Keeping track of inquiries, sales, coupons, and store visits can be as simple as you want to make it. These tangible results will only make your future marketing efforts even more successful. Knowing what works and what doesn't will allow you to create marketing campaigns with a laser-like focus that will produce better results over time. Targeted Direct Mail is Cost-Effective A targeted direct mail campaign is economical. Not only is the creation of the direct mail pieces affordable, but also having the mail delivered is relatively inexpensive. Mass mail rates are less expensive than mailing individual pieces of mail, and they are available for any form of direct mail. The use of direct mail is key to building an effective marketing campaign that will not only bring in more customers, it will also build brand recognition. A comprehensive marketing campaign that includes multiple effective marketing techniques, such as direct mail and new technologies will reach more customer than you ever imagined. Targeted direct mail has been used for decades because it works. While newer methods are receiving the lion's share of attention, direct mail is still one of the best ways to get your message across to the customers you need.  

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