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Specialty Finishing: White Toner - What You Need To Know & Why It's Important

AlphaGraphics Kansas City strives to provide customers with the latest and greatest when it comes to ou printing technology. This is why we jumped at the opportunity to add white toner printing to the list of special capabilities we offer to our customers.

To the average person, printing white may not seem like a big deal. In actuality, it's a huge deal! For most printing equipment, there is no such thing as white ink, only the absence of color. That’s why most printing is done on white paper. So, when we want to print on a colored sheet of paper it can be very difficult. Previously the only way to add white was with an offset press, which is a time consuming and very expensive process. But with our new white toner option, customers can digitally print on a huge variety of dark-colored stocks for invitations, envelopes, business cards, presentation booklets and so much more!

So why is white toner important?

Without white, when you try to apply your standard color printing foundation of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to a darker colored stock, your colors will appear dull. This is because without your white paper there is a narrower range of colored light being reflected back towards your eyes.

To fix this, AlphaGraphics Kansas City lays a layer of white toner underneath the CMYK color printing to provide the reflective surface that white paper usually provides.This innovative technology gives graphic designers and creative businesses more flexibility when it comes to designing their brand materials. So don't limit your designs to just white, start with color and build from there!

To learn more, contact us at AlphaGraphics Kansas City today!

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