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It's Alive!!! Why Print is NOT Dead

Printing is NOT dead, but old printers are!

The print companies of the past are dead, as is the way that businesses previously used printed products. But the medium of print is very much still alive. While our industry overall has a steady growth of around 3% annually, there are many sectors of the market that are growing 20% or more, year over year. Today print companies like AlphaGraphics Kansas City are agile, creative, and resourceful.  We are the partners that work with businesses and marketing professionals to deliver tangible products that are still very much in demand and that tie to the greater marketing strategy. We're here to help you learn where print services are growing and why that is important to businesses like yours. To stay at the top of your marketing game, it's important to understand how to integrate print into your campaigns. The most effective campaigns deliver a consistent message across platforms. That can equate to monster gains in your ROI.  Look in my crystal ball and consider how print might fit into your future utilizing one of the following examples.

Personalized Direct Mail

Junk mail is like cheap Halloween Candy, nobody likes it but everyone is giving it away.  Everyone loves mail when it's personal and unique, like a full-size candy bar.  Direct mail is like finding out what your customer's favorite candy is. Deliver them with a treat that is suited specifically for their tastes and make them take notice. According to a study by Canon Solutions America, combining print with other media can increase the response rate by up to 500%!  But we're not just dropping names here.  When my vet sends me a postcard that says, "Ranger, check out the latest bones we dug up!" and it has a cute picture of my puppy, you can be sure I'm going to see what they have in store for me. Need more proof that direct mail isn't a skeleton?  Direct mail combined with digital ads yields a 28% higher conversion rate.  

Unique Print Techniques

You can get your commodity printing anywhere.  Basic copies and business cards are the candy corn of the printing world.  There is a lot of it, it's not very good for you, and most people don't really want it.  The print company that you want to work with has moved beyond the basics and has invested in the technology that provides value while enhancing your products.  At AlphaGraphics Kansas City, we have the Ricoh 7210 with a 5th Color Station.  In addition to the traditional CMYK printing, we can use clear, white, neon pink, neon yellow and UV red toners that can be used to enhance any project.  Maybe you're not going to pass out your business cards with invisible ink, but we think it would be pretty cool if you did.    

Amazing Finishes

I was Raggedy Ann as a kid for Halloween.  I still remember how that red yarn wig felt. Today, customers want to connect with brands and one of the most memorable ways to do that is through the physical elements. Make your marketing scream, "Touch me!" Using paper and finishes that demand to be held, create an experience for customers that they can take with them.  We stock soft-touch laminate and can make square back booklets that look like perfect bound books for a fraction of the cost.  Plus AlphaGraphics KC works with vendors and manufacturers to source just the right paper and create specialty finishes with dies, foils, and folds.  Interested in taking your marketing beyond the basics? Add a 3D UV to really highlight the texture of your images!  

Not Just Print

The living print company is no longer just print.  We meet you online, in person and at any time.  Our products are no longer just paper and ink, but include signs, interior graphics, and design motifs that scare up new customers.  With our online web-to-print portals, agOnline, even the vampire and werewolves of the night can order their business materials and have them delivered where they need them, when they need them. So next time someone tells you that print is dead, you can give them a few examples of how print is thriving when you use it to your advantage.  The best printers are excited to show you fun examples and the exciting new products and services that will get your business noticed.  Work with AlphaGraphics Kansas City to create a brand that transcends channel and completes your story by putting your message in print.  

For further information about AlphaGraphics Kansas City and their capabilities, contact the AGKC team at 816-842-4200 or visit their website, AlphaGraphics KC.


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