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Business Cards - 5 Steps Beyond the Basics

Business Cards - Small But Mighty!

Business cards may be the most underrated marketing piece in your tool kit. This small card is a representation of you as a person and your brand. It’s also often your first introduction to a potential new partner, prospect, or even employee. Be sure to carefully optimize your business cards to capture the attention of your connections while enhancing the credibility of your business. With careful planning and design, you can communicate your attention and value of quality, creativity, and innovation.  

Here are our top 5 techniques for enhancing your business card beyond the basics. 


1) Change Up Your Paper

The easiest way to change the aesthetic of your business card is to change up your paper! While most businesses tend to choose a standard gloss or matte stock, consider using something a little more unique. 
  • Textured Stocks 
  • Colored Stocks
  • Plastic Stocks
  • Sandwiched Stocks (double or even triple the thickness of your card!)

2.) Alter the Size or Shape

Typical business cards are created in the following sizes: 
  • North American Standard: 3.5” x 2”
  • European Standard: 3.346” x 2.165”
  • Oceania Standard: 3.54” x 2.165” Now, imagine you are sorting a stack of business cards you received at a recent networking event. While most of the cards all appear similar, one catches your eye. Maybe it's square-shaped, or maybe it’s die-cut to a specific shape or even logo. Changing up the size and shape of your business card is a sure way to differentiate yourself from the masses. Consider building your business card design around a unique cut.
  • Round Cornered
  • Square Cut
  • Custom Shapes with Die or Laser Cutting

3.) Add a Special Finish

Looking to go one step further? Consider adding a specialty finish to emphasize an element of your design.
  • Emboss/Deboss - carve a graphic or phrase into the stock to create a dimensional effect
  • Foil Stamping - stamp a graphic or phrase onto the stock with colored metallic foil
  • Spot/Raised UV - apply a layer of thick gloss over a logo or phrase to create a 3D effect
  • Thermography - print your graphics or contact information in black or colored raised ink 
  • Edge Painting - paint the edges of your cards with one of your brand colors

4) Print Your Business Card with Specialty Toners

Another simple way to enhance your business card is to design for a specialty toner. Consider printing on a dark stock with white toner, or use UV red toner as an invisible ink; only to be revealed by a black light. AlphaGraphics KC offers four specialty toners.
  • White Toner
  • Clear Toner
  • UV Red Toner
  • Neon Pink Toner

5.) Laminates

Want to add a little extra something while still being mindful of your budget? Consider laminating your business cards. This will give your card the weight and durability of a plastic card while offering cool laminate textures like matte or soft-touch;  all at an affordable cost.     
Whatever your budget and end goal may be, consult with the printing experts from AlphaGraphics in Kansas City

"We’re here to walk you through the entire process; from planning to design, production, and final delivery."


About AlphaGraphics Kansas City

Located in the creative Crossroads Arts District, AlphaGraphics Kansas City is a certified Women-Owned business that specializes in helping Kansas City businesses solve marketing problems. The printing company’s production specialties include custom digital color and large format printing.

For further information about AlphaGraphics Kansas City and their capabilities, contact the AGKC team at 816-842-4200 or visit their website, AlphaGraphics KC.


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