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Stand Out with Print Marketing

Before Google optimized digital advertising, print marketing was one of the top ways companies could affordably and effectively reach customers. In today's shifting marketing environment, consumer behavior is changing daily.  Smart marketers are learning to rely on digital and print marketing strategies to get their message in front of clients. As the world faces a new, normal consumers are adapting to major changes in their work and social lives. Marketers today should re-examine their strategies and the value that print marketing can provide. Print utilized in collaboration with digital marketing can provide your business with immense value. A printed mailer or sign might just be the piece that sets you apart from your competitors. Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate print marketing in your strategy and the benefits that await you.

The top 5 values of print marketing

  1. Digital marketing fatigue: In response to recent events, businesses have leaned heavily on digital communications. As a result, customers are barraged with an endless stream of video meetings, emails, and advertisements. When customers spent all day online, on social media, and on their devices, they quickly stop paying attention to what they see. By appearing offline, print marketing helps cut through digital fatigue.
  2. Rising email opt-outs: Digital fatigue also means that email opt-outs are on the rise. Companies may discover higher rates of email opt-outs as customers scale down their inboxes or reject content that is no longer relevant. If your main focus is on email marketing rather than multiple marketing strategies, you could be shut out with a single click.
  3. Too much screen time: After working, socializing, and entertaining themselves online day in and day out, more and more consumers are making an effort to minimize screen time. Print marketing helps to engage customers in a different way—and enhance the digital ads that they are seeing online.  Combining digital advertising with print advertising can increase ROI 20 - 40%!
  4. Physical mail can be a brand experience:  Direct mail hasn’t stopped, and most customers are heading to the mailbox every day. The right kind of direct mail piece will catch the customer's attention by incorporating simple creative elements. (We'll discuss these in a later blog!) For example, the physical material can be enhanced for tactile and visual experience. Or the piece can include personalized messaging and URL's to further entice customers to respond.
  5. Signage catches the eye of customers on-the-go:  Many customers are anxious to get out after months of isolation. Physical signage is more important than ever to catch the eyes of pedestrians or drivers. A large banner, flag, or window sign can attract a potential customer the moment they’re ready to buy.

Stand out from your competition with print

Using print marketing helps you reach customers in a different way from your competition. And it makes your customers feel special when you craft a personalized, unique campaign delivered directly to them. Messaging that compliments your digital messaging tells customers that you’re putting in the time and effort. Plus, your brand will stand out from the sea of emails and digital ads and engage your customers in new ways.  

Located in the creative Crossroads Arts District, AlphaGraphics Kansas City is a certified Women-Owned business that specializes in helping Kansas City businesses solve marketing problems. The printing company’s production specialties include custom digital color and large format printing.

For further information about AlphaGraphics Kansas City and their capabilities, contact the AGKC team at 816-842-4200 or visit their website, AlphaGraphics KC.

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