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A Kansas City Printer’s Artistry: The “Welcome to Kansas City” Custom Sign in Kansas City International Airport Terminal

Travelers exiting the recently unveiled Kansas City International Airport terminal eyes are drawn to the "Welcome to Kansas City" sign. Hanging 40 feet over the escalators down to the baggage claim, this piece isn't just a custom sign; it's a reflection of the city's history and artistic spirit. Behind this impressive display is the collaborative effort of various organizations, most importantly AlphaGraphics Kansas City, a renowned Kansas City printing company, in tandem with Departure Media.

Crafting the custom sign was a concerted undertaking. One of the leading Kansas City printers, AlphaGraphics Kansas City along with local artists and architects, rallied to achieve a shared goal. Seamlessly blending the city's storied past and effervescent present into a cohesive design. The design team at AlphaGraphics Kansas City and Departure Media knew that their sign would share the same space as the installation by artist Soo Sunny Park entitled “Molten Swing”. “We wanted our welcome sign to compliment the amazing piece of art that would be hanging above. Our choice to use a mirrored acrylic in a warmer tone enhanced the reflective properties of the art but also allowed the sign to stand on its own” says Haley Haar, AlphaGraphics Kansas City President. The outcome elevates the traditional realm of custom signs in Kansas City; the space is an immersive experience that welcomes residents home and visitors to the city.

From concept to its physical installation, this initiative was marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Embracing cutting-edge technology, AlphaGraphics Kansas City ensured that the sign's creation was impeccable. Such meticulousness was carried through to its installation, ensuring the welcome sign would resonate pride for both its viewers and creators.

The success of this project hinged on partnerships beyond AlphaGraphics Kansas City and Departure Media. The Kansas City Library and VisitKC provided invaluable resources. Using the vast repositories of the Kansas City Library and compelling imagery from VisitKC, the team at AlphaGraphics Kansas City curated a package of graphical panels that accentuated iconic landmarks, diverse communities, and the city's spirited ambiance. These 4 ft x 6 ft panels were used to fill vacant advertising spaces in terminal A and in the baggage claim. This partnership didn't only underscore Kansas City's artistic side, but also celebrated the collaborative culture that is so distinctly Kansas City.

Now, as travelers encounter the "Welcome to Kansas City" sign, it stands as a symbol of the city's collaborative and creative sides. With this custom sign, AlphaGraphics Kansas City and Departure Media have magnified what makes Kansas City unique and showcased the skills of printers and sign makers in Kansas City.

This "Welcome to Kansas City" sign at the Kansas City International Airport Terminal epitomizes collaborative artistry, ingenious design, and the unmatched capabilities of local businesses. Through the combined efforts of AlphaGraphics Kansas City, Departure Media, the Kansas City Library, and VisitKC, the city now boasts a sign that resonates deeply with residents and visitors alike. As Kansas City continues to grow and make its mark on the map, this acrylic sign remains an ever-present testament to the city's dedication to creativity, unity, and the exceptional craftsmanship of its printers.

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